Meridian Questions by Marilyn Arsem



Marilyn Arsem

Questions (and remote answers given later by the questioners)


1951, 5:36 AM

Question: If you could tell an 8 year old girl living in 1951, JUST ONE THING, what would it be? [USA]


Answer: I have been trying to "remember" your remote message to me on June 21, to no avail. But ... perhaps, you said, Stand on your own 2 feet. Huh?


Comment: Happy Birthday! Tell me the connection of the Sea and the Mountains. [Macedonia]

Comment: Why was May the month you were born? How does this birth month fit you? Does it? Or is this irrelevant to who you are? [USA]


1952, 5:45 AM

Questoin: How were you affected, as a person, by having a brother born 11 months after you were born? [USA]


1953, 5:54 AM

Question: What was the best music in 1953? [Canada]

Question: What is the content of any hospital record (Saint Joseph's Hospital, Buckhannon, West Virginia) regarding the birth of David Thornhill Phillips, Oct. 15, 1953? [USA]

Question: What is the horoscope printed on that day, Oct. 15, 1953, in any major newspaper, for individuals born on that day? [USA]


1954, 6:03 AM

Question: What is it about the year 1954 that is stuck in the back of my mind? [USA]


Answer: No go....I put on the radio so that I would be awake at 6.03; but the next thing I knew was that it was 7:11.....and I do not even remember what I dreamt. That is a bad thing, lately...my dreams are just a bunch of nebulous feelings when I wake up now. I also wonder if I really did not want to go back to 1950, although of all the early 1950s, it is one that seems to have a positive aura to it. But I am sorry I let you down. I was with you for most of the day, unless a reality at the present moment distracted me.


Question: What month did Hurricane Hazel hit in the Toronto area? [Canada]


1955, 6:13 AM

Question: What was your favorite Little Golden Book this year? Describe the cover. [USA]

Question: What was your favorite color? [USA]

Question: Do you remember learning to read? Or what do you remember about discovering that what you heard could be translated into writing on the page, or vice versa? [USA]


1956, 6:22 AM

Question: Do you know why I was born in this year? [Germany]


1957, 6:31 AM

Question: What did you think about the arrival of your youngest sister in the family? [USA]

Question: ¿cuentas predicciones que hablaban sobre el fin del mundo se referian a este año? (What predictions that spoke of the end of the world refer to this year?) [Chile]


1958, 6:40 AM

Question: What was your favorite book and why? [USA]

Question: I choose to believe that you and your family visited Canada sometime during your childhood in Buffalo and that an Avro CF105 broke the sound barrier flying overhead on one of its final flights. If it wasn't you, some other little American girl undoubtedly heard it and saw it. Hurtling machinery dreamed, desired, and then formed in new metals by Canadian imaginations. For a brief moment they were on top of the world. People deeply 'miss' this airplane, and since all prototypes were ordered scrapped, there are none left, although aerodynamic test models rest on the bottom of Lake Ontario. The word 'bereavement' has been used. So the question would be: did you look up and see the last Arrow? [USA]


Answer: I tracked the weather that day. It was raining heavily here and the forecast for Toronto was dicey. It probably rained in the evening.

>What were you doing at the time we arrived at your question?

Sleeping. But I was jolted awake at about 5:30, which was the time when you planned to step out onto the beach. Was it the answer to your question?

No, just an existential whoop-de-doo on the billiard table of space-time. Having a Ghost will do that to you. I'm looking forward to reading about the performance. Was it light out yet? did people camp on the island to be there right at 5:30? and so on. For what it's worth, the Arrow was making test flights right up to the day of cancellation in Feb 1959, but in the story of my question you were a little girl standing on a beach (maybe nearby Crystal Beach) in sun and wind and rain, rather like a dark-eyed little lightning rod. So it had to be the summer of '58. Well, anyway...


1959, 6:50 AM

Question: When did you first become aware of death And the inevitability of your death? [USA]


1960, 6:59 AM

Question: What smell do you remember from this year? [USA]


1961, 7:08 AM

Question: What is the role of the human body (genderless) in this year, concerning its relationship with its environment, its self-consciousness and its sense of "future" (how a body in 1961 thought of itself in 40 years or more)? [Chile]


Answer: I was heavily awaken by my stereo (it was programmed for that purpose) and I started considering the nature of my question to you. My idea of such question raised from the actual project I will be involved for the coming XX years, and it has to do with the idea of a Global Citizen, a nationless person aware of his/her relationship with the Globe (the Earth/the Web). What happened exactly at 7:08 AM? It was partially clouded, then after a few seconds I saw a glorious sunlight, then I remembered my question to you had also to do with the idea of a future. Then, many images run through my closed eyes, I could perceive something between memories and projects. Still I have to give such images a shape... I'm including the "Meridian experience" in a performance project called "adelre 4.0", in November 16th, 2001, the day I'll become 40 years old. 1961 was the year in which I was born.


1962, 7:17 AM

Question: Did you ever want to be someone else? Who?


1963, 7:27 AM

Question: That year was the summit of the Cold War with Kennedy's murder. Is the syndrome of the atomic bomb was so important in Toronto than Quebec? What do you remember of that time? [Canada]


Answer: At 7:27 AM, on June 21st, during Meridian, at Ward's Island Beach, Toronto, I was at our country house, probably taking breakfast. I always awake soon. I was alone and worked all day before that day to prepare earth to plant the last part of the vegetable garden. I thought to you and your performance during the day (21st). I don't remember the period of the day. Sorry!


Question: In 1963 I saw the Beatles perform in Boston. The noise of screaming girls (and some boys) drowned them out. Did anyone ever hear them on that tour? [USA]


1964, 7:36 AM

Question: What do you remember most about the yard in the spring? [USA]


1965, 7:45 AM

Question: What was your favorite color? Did it change from the previous decade and if so, why? What did this color represent to you? [USA]

Question: What time did the sun rise at Stonehenge in 1965? [England]


Answer: the time i believe is seven hours behind...

brighton beach, warm and calm,

i am thinking on 'selflessness';

i feel for this long day

and how it was in 65;

seven years before my birth...

perhaps this is why i have thoughts

with-out self.

the dawn arises when she does...

what i heard i cannot say,

but i saw you on your beach...


1966, 7:54 AM

Question: Whose heart was broken in 1966? [USA]


Comment: I confess I was asleep when my question happened! It probably entered my dreams somehow. Would love to hear more about the project. Sounds great!


1967, 8:04 AM

Question: How would your life this year have been different if you'd been an only child? [USA]


1968, 8:13 AM

Question: Who was the most important person in your life this year? [USA]


1969, 8:22 AM

Question: What was my mother thinking when she decided to get pregnant? [Canada]


Comment: i didn't get to hear the answer to my question because i was waiting at Pearson International for a flight to NYC. I was at my desk at work when the question came up. i'm glad it was a success.


1970, 8:31 AM

Question: In the year of 1970 what event, anywhere in the world, made a significant impression on your life? [USA]

Question: What were your feelings about the Viet Nam war at this time? Did you have any friends fighting there then? [USA]


Comment: I was on the phone...talking to .....I can't remember!


Question: Who was the most important person in your life this year? [USA]


1971, 8:41 AM

Question: What were your wishes when you have blown up the candles on your birthday party in 1971? [Portugal]


Answer: Well when I did the question it was almost the date of my own birthday....and I thought that it would be interesting to know what you were thinking or wishing when you were celebrating your 20 years birthday (is it the right age?).


1972, 8:50 AM

Question: What was the number one song for the month of October 1972? (did it make you smile?) [USA]


Comment: [from D.H.: A top ten hit from 1972 was Put Your Hand in the Hand, performed by Ocean. A member of Ocean was David Tamblyn. David Tamblyn lives on Wards Island and makes and repairs bows - violin bows, cello bows. Could this be the answer to your question?]


Question: Where is the girl I loved in 1972 (and 73 & 74)? (Believe me, I don't want her back; just faintly curious, heh, heh) [USA]


Commnet: Sorry for the delay in response to your inquiry about meridan. My question was answered though not exactly at 8:50 am on the 21st of June, 2001. I was at that time writing email to my present partner, happily laughing over a present state of affairs, far removed from the nature of my question. I went for a walk that morning though, at 9:00 am and on that walk, a thought came: This is your meridan time! And then, another thought followed: The answer to your question would be dangerous; some questions need to remain questions. I continued my walk knowing I received an answer, but not the one I expected.


Question: What 1972 archaeological find has had the greatest effect on Canadian culture today? [Canada]

Question: Why does the passage of time allow the accumulation of such wonderful things for some folks and not for others? [USA]


Answer: I was reading Organizational Support applications and would have just read "... budgets are drafted in a variety of "best" and "worst" case scenarios to provide for decision making flexibility" The words, best and worst, certainly describe the conditions of my question; and the phrase, decision making flexibility, could hint at an answer, but not the answer.

I last saw Dierdre Lee Stewart in November 1972 in St. Kilda, an inner city district of Melbourne, Australia. I have not seen or heard anything of her since. Where do you think she might have gone? [?]


1973, 8:59 AM

Question: Tell me about some events related to Nelson Mandela, freedom from racist mentalities and Martin Luther King, Jr. that happened in Canada, the USA and South Africa in the year 1973? [?]


Question: In the summer of 1972 an eight-and-a-half year old girl swings on a swingset outside a New England farmhouse as evening deepens. She's thinking about the joys of swearing, and how every time she swears it's part of the charged revolution she feels around her, and how being that age in that year, she's experiencing the peak of a wave of change that's been building all her life. 1973 is a total blank. Why? [Canada]


Question: What animal was every human being on earth connected to in one way or another during the year 1973? [USA]


Answer: i was lying in my hospital bed gazing at blue sky and treetops very thankful that my bikini crewcut of 24 hours prior was successful -- my she surgeon said that i was cured. i heard lots of birds singing, lots of things dripping, and the gurglings of transformation and revelation within my body spirit. i was beginning to be healed in so many ways i had not expected. what got me through my operation were the amazing images i had beginning a week prior and right before the operation. my favorite part was when this big man in green scrubs introduced himself, put a shower cap on my head and began wheeling me through the halls with walls and people and machines and ceiling whizzing by. in my image a friend was with me throwing gardenias and more gardenias all over my body covering my chest and my arms and my tummy. The fragrance was out of this world overwhelming and every time I began to utter a word or a fear or a sound she would kiss me tenderly, gently on my lips. when i got to the operating room i was so relaxed that I joked with all the attendants as they moved me onto a very narrow table. I then remember nothing until i woke up dazed, confused and uncomfortable with a nurse yelling at me and everyone in the room. things are so much better now.


1974, 9:08 AM

Question: In the year 1974...what was your most memorable love experience? Please be truthful. [USA]


Comment: At the time my question was being answered...I believe I was in the garden at the Boys and Girls Club with about 10 kids....and I don't mind anything being posted.


1975, 9:18 AM

Question: What was your favorite color? Did it change from the previous decade and if so, why? What did this color represent to you? [USA]

Question: Who was Regina Frank in 1975? [Germany]

Question: Was money important to you this year? [USA]


1976, 9:27 AM

Question: What was the most popular film made in 1976? [USA]


Comment: At 9:27 am I was getting in my car and driving from Cambridge to Boston, dresses up and thinking about my future career path options, I was heading to Northeastern to observe a law class on Evidence.

Let me know if you need more information.


1977, 9:36 AM

Question: If you could seek advice from anyone in the world, who would you want to talk to as you contemplated your future life? [USA]


1978, 9:45 AM

Question: What is your most vivid memory of 1978? [Canada]


Answer: Sitting on the sand with you and four others, I heard more than one answer to my question: "What is your most vivid memory of 1978?". One audience member's memory of an unrequited love he experienced in North Bay during spring of that year remains with me. The object of P's desire was another boy - a fatherless child - with whom he was friends. This classmate was, himself, drawn not only to P, but to Born Again Christianity, also. Nonetheless, P disclosed his feelings, and sometime after the boy invited him to a hotel in North Bay. But, when he arrived there, P found himself surrounded by the boy's Evangelical acquaintances. These made P sit on a chair in front of a banner with "HOPE" written on it. In the darkened room, a woman babbled at him, speaking in tongues. As she reached a crescendo of inspiration, P noticed the smell of sulphur in the room, to remind him of brimstone presumably. Finally, they let him go. He stumbled into the parking lot, and saw it was completely covered in dead flies. They crunched under his feet. They glittered on the hoods of the cars. In North Bay in Spring, shad - flies breed and die off within a few days. P left North Bay that summer. The image of the dead flies is P's vivid memory of 1978. I guess it's now my most vivid memory of '78, too. So yes, my question was answered. Thank you. 


Question: How are you? That is my question. how are you? [USA]


1979, 9:55 AM

Question: Where was the earth hurting most that year? [?]


Answer: at 9:55 am i was meditating, hoping to experience your answer in my body. i felt an ache around my liver, and am still wondering how that works with my question, which was "where was the earth hurting the most that year?"


Question: what would be the liver of the planet? the ozone? the soil? the rainforest?


1980, 10:04 AM

Question: What was your earliest memory of viewing yourself as an artist? [USA]


1981, 10:13 AM

Question: How many wars were taking place? [Canada]


Comment: I am so sorry I didn't make it to the Island to see part of your piece, or to hear the answer to my question. I had just finished curating a performance series the previous Tuesday and Wednesday, and was madly preparing to MC a cabaret (which I bombed at - oh well). I am glad that the piece went well, and hope that I have the opportunity to see your work again. When you were answering my queerie I was lying on my girlfriend's bed (she wasn't in it), writing schtik about the Dionne quintuplets. Oddly, one of the Dionnes (Yvonne) died that same day.


Question: What was the most significant performance art piece? [Canada]

Question: How did you celebrate your 30th birthday? [Canada]

Question: What was the name of the president's family pet in 1981? [USA]

Question: Do you remember turning 30? Was this a significant year in any way? [USA]


1982, 10:22 AM

Question: How many lovers have you had in your life? [USA]

Were you predicting that the world would end with the start of the new millennium? [USA]

Question: Did you ever want short hair? Blond hair? Red hair? No hair? [USA]

Question: If you were to invent a time saving device for household chores, what would it be and what would it do? [USA]


1983, 10:32 AM

Question: What is Art? [Croatia]

Question: a merman i should turn to be... did the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, which passed from his body one month before I was born, indeed become a merman in 1983? [USA]


Answer: at 10:32 AM, June 21st I was in a hazy dreamstate, knowing around 10:30 am I should have gotten up and attuned my radar into inner canadian airspace...but something woke me up around that time. i had a brief flash of remembrance of meridian, but must confess i fell back into a sticky sleep soon thereafter. 1983 was the first year i experienced a family member's death. i remember that, and remember being blown away my grandmother continued to smoke even though she was on oxygen and dying of lung cancer. i was 13.


1984, 10:41 AM

Question: Who were the New Years babies for small town sites in western Canada and what is one of those person's doing today? Waiting for osno [Canada]


1985, 10:50 AM

Question: What kind of person was your husband (who was not your husband yet...) in 1985? [USA]

Question: What was your favorite color? Did it change from the previous decade and if so, why? What did this color represent to you? [USA]


1986, 10:59 AM

Question: Did you make the right choice? [asked at the performance]


1987, 11:09 AM

Question: What was happening with the gorillas in Rwanda? [USA]


Answer: at 11:09 on june 21st i was probably planted at my computer or wandering back and forth between my computer and the coffee machine. honestly, it might as well have been february 2nd or september 13th, because where i sit you have no fucking idea what the weather is doing or what the sun is doing or what the moon or ocean or stars or anything is doing. i'm having a stupid day.


Question: In 1987, AUDI recalled thousands of their 5000S sedans after receiving reports of that model spontaneously shifting from "park" to "drive." Had you been a passenger strapped into a car that idled at the curb while the driver dashed off to run an errand, and you suddenly lurched into motion, is there any place in particular you would have wanted the car to take you? [USA]


Answer: The whole project sounds very interesting; wish I could have been there. At the time you answered my question (and since I wasn't there, I don't know your answer) I was running the first day of a two-day peer review panel that was evaluating grant applications from chamber music organizations. We had just finished our morning break and were reviewing the fourth or fifth application of the day. I was eating a sesame bagel with chive cheese and drinking a cup of mocha java. Black, no sugar...


Question: Who died and who was born on June 21, 1987 at 11:09 AM? [USA]


We were in the airport in Amsterdam after a 6 hour layover in which we had visited the Riks museum to see the Rembrandt paintings. The strange thing is that we had left the ashes of Lajos's uncle in a left luggage locker at the airport. At that time we were recovering the ashes to carry through security to board our plane. Security was alarmed to see through the x ray this stone vessel in our luggage and security asked for our case be opened. They were a little embarrassed and unable to respond.


Question: How many solo shows did Jean Michele Basquait have in 1987? [USA]


Answer: Sleeping, I was definitely asleep at that time. I was awoken by my dog Fritz who licked my face a number of times could it be that the number of his licks were the correct answer? Well the number of licks was more than ten and less than 15 as after that I can not stand it anymore! Haha-


1988,  11:18 AM

Question: What percentage of the world's population would have said they were at peace? [USA]


1989, 11:27 AM

Question: What was the most important event in my life that occurred this year? [USA]


Answer: I was working in my office preparing for our summer brass program which was starting the very next morning (Friday, June 28). At that time I heard more questions than answers; and answers that I did hear were tinged with skepticism (as it turned out rightfully so!). Normally I would have working with Marjorie at that time, but she was away. There is quite possibly an answer in there for me!


Question: What was the nature of betrayal when I was 27? [Canada]


1990, 11:36 AM

Question: Would have been it better if I would stay in 1990 at the same place like at 1986? [Czech Republic/USA]


Answer: I remember that I was watching a shaking leaf behind my window. The branches of a tree reached my window this year for the first time and I wondered where they would go next year.


Question: What do you wish you'd asked Grandma about before she died? [USA]


1991, 11:46 AM

Quesetion: At the marking of each decade of your life, select two or three adjectives that would describe your nature or focus in life, at that time. [USA]


1992, 11:55 AM

Question: Can you please speak about any personal illnesses, ailments, or injuries from that year, their origin, and the result, remedy, or passage? [USA]

Question: What personal values or goals have you left behind from that year - and what have you gained upon or affirmed since then? [USA]


1993, 12:04 PM

[bathroom break no questions/no audience except Mary Catherine and Paul]


1994, 12:13 PM

Question: the littleness is remembered, meridian question 1994, is this your water glass? [USA]


Comment: I was in the middle of a sound..


1995, 12:23 PM

Question: What was your favorite color? Did it change from the previous decade and if so, why? What did this color represent to you? [USA]


1996, 12:32 PM

Question: Do you remember your performance in Cifte Amam about keeping the present? [Macedonia]


1997, 12:41 PM

Question: Was something invented (if there is more than one, tell me about it) that year which gets us humans closer to destroying ourselves? [Macedonia/Canada]


1998, 12:50 PM

Question: 1998 was a very productive year for me. Was there anything 'special' from an energetic or astrological (or whatever) perspective about 1998 and will there be any similar times coming up? [USA]


Answer: On June 21st I was working on an application for a 'Crossover' workshop, the first actually. Crossover is the brain child of Web Lab, and its strategy is to (and I quote) "create compelling 'new media' projects that combine the sensibilities and storytelling skills of independent filmmakers with the kind of rich interactivity that enlists the audience as active participants rather than passive consumers". At 12:50 I was into the heart of my application and, I must say, it went rather smoothly. I certainly was thinking about (and hoping for) a period of future productivity not unlike that which I referred to in my question. I do not remember hearing - at least not consciously - the answer to my question, but there was certainly a connection between the two. I am very interested to hear the 'answer' as you received it.


1999, 1:00 PM

Question: What were your secret fears and fantasies about the coming millennium - excluding Y2K? [Canada]


2000, 1:09 PM

Question: Was there a moment in the year 2000 in which something from outside yourself really surprised you? [USA]


Answer: Congratulations, one hundred years and no solitude! At the precise time that you replied to my question, I was in Vinalhaven Island, sitting on the porch of our house probably having lunch and reading the newspaper. I heard assorted Vinalhavenny sounds but no extraordinary messages. My question: Have you been surprised by anything during the year 2000 (my assigned date) was perhaps, not the right kind of question to evoke an answer over the many miles from your Canadian beach to my sunburned ear.

What did you think you'd be doing on your 50th birthday? And are you planning what you're going to do on your 100th? [USA]


2001, 1:18 PM



Question: Why do people want to make war especially why in the most beautiful country in the world like Macedonia is? [Macedonia]

With this [these] technologies, in this moment, what is private space? [Croatia]

Question: I want to know everything about this year that we are living. [Argentina]

Question: Have you become more or less compassionate in the last 30 years? [USA]

Question: With the marking of a decade of your life, select two or three adjectives that would describe your nature or focus in life, at that time. [USA]


2002, 1:27 PM

Question: Will I find romance in 2002? [asked at the performance]

Question: Can George Bush get any dumber? [asked at the performance]


2003, 1:37 PM

Question: If you were given a choice this year where would you live (what continent and what city)? [USA]


2004, 1:46 PM

Question: Will we find a common ground in which to pursue together a piece? Perhaps with Joanie? I feel like Persephone will never happen again and there is a desire to imagine another women's piece. You and Joanie are the women I imagine being with and making Art. [USA]


2005, 1:55 PM

Question: What will be your favorite color? Did it change from the previous decade and if so, why? What does this color represent to you? [USA]


2006, 2:04 PM

Question: Will people in the United States change their position on the death penalty? [USA]

Question: Will SA Bachman return to having sexual fantasies about people she meets/knows rather than characters from the TV show "Queer as Folk"? [USA]


Answer: Sometimes life is too perfect -- this is truth vs. fabrication.

S.A. Bachman was at the queer beach in Provincetown at 2:04 on June 21st.

She heard gusty winds, the waves and the chatter of people (in that order).

When she wasn't reading, she was girlwatching and making an effort to have fantasies other than her recent ones from TV shows.


Question: Where is your feet? [Croatia]


2007, 2:14 PM

Question: Will I be in a romantic relationship with someone in the year 2007 and, if so, what will be her name? [USA]


Answer: Well, I was in my office, but looking forward to the appointed time. I closed the door to my office and stopped whatever else I was doing. I tried to imagine the setting you were in at the moment - I'm usually pretty good (or creative) at things like that. I focused on you and what you might be thinking for about 5 minutes before the time and maybe 10 minutes after. What did I hear? Well, not much. That is not surprising, as I am pretty distracted these days. I really was anticipating some answer - any answer - to a question that is on my mind a lot.

Oh well.


2008, 2:23 PM

Question: Who will host the olympics in 2008? Beijing, Toronto or Paris? [asked at the performance]

Question: Have there been any recurring questions? [asked at the performance]


2009, 2:32 PM

Question: Will I be making a living wage as an artist? [asked at the performance]

Question: Will there be enough health care workers to look after us? [asked at the performance]


2010, 2:41 PM

Quesetion: Think ahead nine years into the future... Over this period the sun has risen thousands of times. Question: Will the sun rise at the same time on the morning of the summer solstice in 2010 as in 2001? [USA]


Comment: Just a quick note to say we are glad your performance went well and to note that as you went into the future it got colder and rainy - so now we know the trend of global warming!!!


2011, 2:51 PM

Question: What will be the most common cause of death of Americans in 2011? [USA]


Answer: At around 2:45 on June 21st, I took a break from work on an article to see if I could "hear" your answer. But instead of your answer, a series of additional questions overwhelmed me... Was it a stupid question? Why did I ask about the leading cause of death among Americans instead of Taiwanese or French? Why did I chose a "national question" instead of a more personal question? Did the broad scope of the question make it less personal and safer? Would I be around to find out the answer? What is the leading cause of death today among Americans? Among Taiwanese? As I mentioned, the questions were overwhelming. So I ignored them and returned to my work. But, of course, the questions don't go away.


2012, 3:00 PM

Question: there ever be a time that people will decide there will be no more war? [USA]


2013, 3:09 PM

Question: In 2013 will the United Nations Organisation still be active? [USA]

Question: In 2013 will the European Union still be an active entity? [USA]


2014, 3:18 PM

Question:Are they still predicting that the book will become obsolete within 10 years? [USA]


Answer: OK, at 3:18 pm on June 21 we were walking around the Nye Beach area in Newport, Oregon. Probably at that very moment we were in a second-hand bookstore, one with a New Age orientation, listening to New Age-type music. I did find a couple of good things in the store, particularly a transcription of dharma talks given by a Thai Buddhist abbot to his monks.


2015, 3:28 PM

Question: Will I have settled in a place I feel comfortable calling home by the year 2015? [Canada]


Answer: I am hoping that you might write back to let me know what you were doing at the time we arrived at your question, and what you heard at that time? Was it the answer to your question? When we arrived at this question, I was with you on the beach. We could hear our voices as we conducted our extended, rambling conversation. I remember sounds of a beach tractor, of water and wind, and the distinctive crunch of your trowel digging into the sand to bury the stones after you had written on them. At the time I was able to contain my curiosity and respect your privacy about those words -- but now it occurs to me that I would like to know some of those messages. I have not yet heard any stories of anyone uncovering those particular secrets. Though I have a strong visceral sense of the arc of the day, the specifics of this moment -- whether it was still hot and bright, or whether the clouds had begun to obscure the sun -- are lost to me. I do remember my own thoughts surrounding that question, and some of what was said by those present at the time. Whether I heard the answer to my question -- I suppose only time will tell. Questions of comfort, and home, and place, seem forever mine.


2016, 3:37 PM

Question: According to the Mayan calendar, the year 2012 is the last year that is recorded. Will there be life after 2012 and if so, will I still be alive in the year 2016, and what will my purpose be in 2016? [USA]


Answer: I am glad that you wrote back, and want to know what I was doing. I think I was cleaning my bathroom at that time. I got this new spray that has the orange oil in it, that smells great, so I was most likely thinking of how good it smelled. I was also thinking about the question I asked, and if it was the one that I wanted to ask. The conclusion that I came to was, yes it was the right question. I didn't get the answer, while I was cleaning, or any other time during that day.


Question: Will I have a flying car? (I will be 25) [USA]


Answer: Well, I can't say I heard or felt anything strange, or if I did, I ignored it, because I was too busy talking to Megan or something (I hope all your answers don't sound like this). I remember something!!! Meg, Pierre, and I were talking about how we would love to have flying cars, and we were saying, like, "I want a flying Bug!"


2017, 3:46 PM

Question: What will the monarch butterflies be doing? [?]


2018, 3:55 PM

Question: What/where will I see when I look from my windows in 2018? [USA]


Answer: I was looking out my window, hearing the faint rustle of both the trees and the traffic, as I imagined my question. Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing more!


2019, 4:05 PM

Question: Looking at the water... [No questions. A decision to be silent as a group and look at the water...]


2020, 4:14 PM

Question: By the year 2020, will there be a cure/preventative measure for breast cancer? [USA]


Comment: CONGRATULATIONS! I heard that your performance was amazing! Why am I not surprised? I anxiously anticipate more info from you regarding Meridian. What I was doing when you arrived at my question: The strangest thing happened when my question was being answered. At about 3:15 p.m. I was overwhelmingly and unusually tired. I decided to lie down for a short time before I had to go to my class at Tufts. I immediately fell asleep. I had one of those dreams that seem so much like reality that it is difficult to differentiate between the two. I awoke remembering the dream - a conversation with my friend. He told me that things were not working out with his new lover and that he was going to call things off. (I believe that I dreamed this as my question was being answered! - 4:23 p.m.) Strangely enough, two days later, I spoke with the friend with whom I had conversed in my dream and he told me the exact same thing that he had told me in my dream! I am not at all sure how this story relates to the question that I asked you to answer during Meridian, however, I believe that you, I and this friend of mine (you know him and he participated in Meridian,) were sharing psychic space! I do know that within the content of my dream, I felt very content. Once I realized this whole chain of events and connected it to you answering my question, I was confident that you had directed my awareness on that day at that time.


2021, 4:23 PM

Question: Will the waters be running free and clean, will the earth be in a stronger place of health and happiness? [Canada]


2022, 4:32 PM

Question: In 2022, World War Three happened, it is the computer war, everybody lost connection because the electric power be deleted in sudden. [Ta