Vivência Poética curated by Ericka DeFreitas (2008)

Thursday / Mar 13 / 08
8:00 pm

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Avenue

Erika DeFreitas

Performance/Installation from collaborative duos:

Diane Borsato + Stacey Sproule
Keith Cole + Diana Lopez Soto
John Marriott +Suzanne Caines

Curated by Erika DeFreitas

"The curatorial premise of this project required an emerging and an established performance artist to collaborate jointly, and in turn with participants within the space in which they work/present. I am interested in the relational aspects within the collaborative process between artists, and how it specifically pertains to questions of authorship, communication, tension, and pedagogy. I am certain that these collaborations will challenge the concept of relational aesthetics as it is outlined by Nicolas Bourriaud in his text Relational Aesthetics."

~Erika DeFreitas


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