FADO E-LIST (May 2021)

1. COURSE: Performing for Camera with Rah Eleh
Deadline to apply: May 1, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: ECC
2. COURSE: New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1
Deadline to apply: May 5, 2021: Location: on-line; Source ECC
3. COURSE: Performance Art and Feminisms with Marissa Vigneault
Deadline to apply: May 9, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: ECC
Date: May 14, 2021; Location: on-line: Source: Golboo Amani
5. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: PSi Artistic Research Working Group
Deadline date: May 15, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: J. Householder
6. EVENT: Action Lab 1: Session 1
Date: May 15–16, 2021; Location: Valencia, Spain; Source: Facebook
7. EVENT: Take Me Somewhere
Date: May 21–June 5, 2021; Location: Glasgow & on-line; Source: TMS
8. EVENT: OFFTA Festival d’arts vivants
Date: May 28–June 6, 2021; Location: Montréal & online; Source: OFFTA
9. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival
Date: June 3–5, 2021; Location: Glasgow & online; Source: TMS
10. APPLY: MA Live Art / Queen Mary University of London
Deadline: unspecified; Location: London, England; Source: LADA




1. COURSE: Performing for Camera with Rah Eleh
Deadline to apply: May 1, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: ECC

Performing for Camera with Rah Eleh
Hosted by European Cultural Centre (ECC)
Only a few spots left!
APPLY NOW: https://ecc-performanceart.eu/apply
Date: May 3–24
Time: Mondays, 6–8pm CET
Location: on-line course
Language: English
Tuition Fee: EUR 175
How are performance artists pushing the boundaries and expanding the definition of performance art and media? How does performance art communicate and participate in social and political discourses, meanings and values? What is the impact of video on performance? The Performance for Camera course is designed to support the creative and intellectual growth of students. We will examine works by cutting-edge artists and consider the conceptual and technical aspects of new media and performance artwork. Students will be exposed to a wide array of visuals and reading materials. The class is structured around individual projects, in-class exercises and writing activities. The discussions are centered on student works, artists' writings, and theoretical texts about performance and new media art. Students are encouraged to develop conceptual and creative links between student production and the work of other artists. Students are given a variety of tools and techniques which will allow them to push the boundaries of their creativity, intellect, and imagination.
Objectives and goals: 
–Build conceptual and technical skills for the creation of performative lens-based and virtual work
–Experiment with new forms in performative video
–Understand historical and cultural issues in performative video
–Develop a critical vocabulary for discussing and critiquing performative video
–Acquire an inter-disciplinary and intermedia approach to performative video
–Create an original work of performative video work
Rah Eleh is a video, net and performance artist based in Toronto, Canada. Rah's work focuses on and critiques the visual stereotypes and performative aspects that shape female gender identity and national and ethnic identity. She is interested in how race and gender are performed from multiple layered perspectives: exilic, decolonial, queer and diasporic. Rah has lectured and exhibited extensively internationally at institutions including NYU Tisch, The New School, Alfred University, Dalhousie University, Images Festival (Toronto), Museum London, Carleton University Art Gallery (Ottawa), Williams College Museum of Art (USA), Miami Art Basel, Nieuwe Vide (Netherlands), Pao Festival (Norway), Kunst am Spreeknie (Germany), Kunsthaus Graz Museum (Austria), and Onassis Cultural Center (Greece). Rah is represented in Canada by VTape.




2. COURSE: New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1
Deadline to apply: May 5, 2021: Location: on-line; Source ECC

New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1: An Introduction to the Extended Reality Spectrum and related Performance Work with Francesca Albrezzi
Hosted by European Cultural Centre (ECC)

Date: May 7–28
Time: Fridays, 6­–8pm CET
Location: on-line course
Language: English
Tuition fee: EUR 175 / EUR 270 (Part 1 & 2)

This course offers an introduction to new immersive technologies available to performance artists such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 photo and video capture, critically addressing their impact and meaning for the field.

APPLY NOW: https://ecc-performanceart.eu/apply




3. COURSE: Performance Art and Feminisms with Marissa Vigneault
Deadline to apply: May 9, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: ECC

Performance Art and Feminisms with Marissa Vigneault
Hosted by European Cultural Centre (ECC)
Date: May 11–June 1
Time; Tuesdays, 6–8pm CET
Location: on-line course
Language: English
Tuition Fee: EUR 175
APPLY NOW: https://ecc-performanceart.eu/apply
This course will address feminist performance art through the lens of the art historical and the contemporary, with constant consideration of how historical concerns continue to manifest in the present. Feminist performance art of the 1970s quite specifically pulled from political actions surrounding the women’s movement, including active protests and collaborative consciousness-raising sessions. We will focus on the work of artists such as Hannah Wilke, Ana Mendieta, Adrian Piper, Martha Wilson, and Suzanne Lacy, as a way to understand how their work reflects the multiple positions of feminism, and therefore operates as a reinforcement of the “personal as political” that sits at the center of feminist art. Throughout the course, we will assess how and why feminist performance art incorporates questions of gender and sexual identity, as well as racial, ethnic, and class based concerns, and the reasons why feminist performance art is a particularly strategic way of addressing political interests. As performance is already a subversive act, in that it aims to destabilize absolute truths regarding the body and social categorizations, it may be viewed as a considerable tool for questioning and dismantling perceived rules that regulate social relations and bodily expectations.
Marissa Vigneault’s research focuses on the role of performance and performativity in modern and contemporary art, with particular attention on the construction of identity in visual culture (fashion, burlesque, and films). Dr. Vigneault’s current research examines pioneering feminist artist Hannah Wilke (1940–1993), whose body-oriented performances and video art in the 1970s contributed to the art world’s re-visioning of the female nude. Dr. Vigneault’s publications include essays in Women’s Studies and the anthology Contemporary Art and Classical Myth, as well as numerous essays for museum catalogues. She has presented her research at the College Art Association conference; Popular Culture Association conference; Feminist Art History conference; University of Johannesburg; Columbia University; Association of Art Historians conference; SECAC; and Association of Historians of American Art conference. She is currently lead book reviews editor for Panorama, the online peer-review journal of AHAA.




Dates: May 14, 2021; Location: On-line: Source: Golboo Amani

PUSH.PULL: Intersection of QTBIPOC Cabaret and Performance Art is an online series of interdisciplinary events examining emergent and intersectional developments in performance art and QT BIPOC cabaret. PUSH.PULL questions what is considered legitimate art and what is seen as entertainment, by highlighting QTBIPOC cabaret performers as artists at the intersections of live stage performance and radical political performativity. 
PUSH.PULL has included three online Showcases featuring performers from across North America. Each showcase has offered a diverse range of contemporary practices reflecting the theatrical, political and emotional range and depth of cabaret performance. TOPPED is the last showcase in the series.

Friday May 14 | 9:00pm (EST)
Free | Tickets available HERE
Imogen Quest
Babia Majora
Cara De Melo
Tanya Cheex
Cat Zaddy
Tygr Willy
Adrienne Huard

TOPPED: Cautions, titillates and teases. The cabaret is a feminized, glamorous and glittered, a holy and sacred place. Moving and living through expressions of sexuality in its full scope of dominance and assertion, the performer toys and plays with gender, power, laughter, vulnerability, and seduction. In cabaret, we have the audacity to believe that our bodies are important, invaluable, meaningful and worth listening to.
PUSH.PULL is curated by Dainty Smith and Golboo Amani
Presented in association with Buddies in Bad Time Theatre & Aluna Theatre
Sponsored by FADO Performance Art Centre
Supported by Canada Council for the Arts & Ontario Arts Council




5. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: PSi Artistic Research Working Group
Deadline date: May 15, 2021; Location: on-line; Source: J. Householder

PSi Artistic Research Working Group: Summer Session 2021

Constellations of Engagement Through Artistic Research
Part of the PSi Constellate 2021 Program

Date: July 7–9
Time: shifting time zones (to accommodate international participation)
Location: on-line (zoom)

Reflecting new modes of research and artistic practice made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Artistic Research Working Group is further extending a model of engagement that it has been developing over multiple years.
This engagement, entitled PERFORM/RESPOND/EXTEND, will take the form of an intensive 3-day online session from July 7–9.
In PERFORM/RESPOND/EXTEND, participants will have the opportunity to both respond to presentations, performances and articulations through presentations, performances and articulations, and then extend the examination of a key concept (problem, principle, provocation…) that they find evocative for further discussion—all within the span of 76 hours. Ultimately, we hope these three phases will effectively foster a rigorous yet generous and playful engagement with the most urgent issues emerging out of the ARWG members’ research practices.
Annette Arlander
Bruce Barton
Johanna Householder
Conveners, Artistic Research Working Group

Full details regarding the Event Design, Schedule, and Proposal Submission Process: https://www.psi-web.org/arwg-call-for-proposals/




6. EVENT: Action Lab 1: Session 1
Date: May 15–16, 2021; Location: Valencia, Spain; Source: Facebook
May 15–16, 2021

International meeting collecting artists, organizations and festivals dedicated to the sample, dissemination and research of performance in Europe.


May 15
11–13h: Performance workshop for family audiences with Rubén Barroso
18h: Conferences by PEPA and Action! MAD International Meetings of Performance Art
19h: Performances by Alvaro Terrones, Lorena Izquierdo, Gabriela del valle
May 16
11–13h: Performance workshop for family audiences with Rubén Barroso
18h: Conferences by Art'D and Containers Festival
19h: Performances by Nieves Correa & Abel Loureda, Analia Beltrán I Janés, Alba Gonzalez
Action Lab on FACEBOOK.




7. EVENT: Take Me Somewhere
Dates: May 21–June 5, 2021; Location: Glasgow & on-line; Source: TMS

This year’s festival performances will take place in our exciting new online TMS FESTIVAL HUB, with everything from live stream premieres, audio works, intimate encounters via phone, 360 video, short films and participatory performances via Zoom. The Hub will also feature our fab FESTIVAL FOYER, where we’ll be streaming live DJ sets, artist playlist performances and festival gatherings before and in between shows. All whilst enjoying a cocktail from your own kitchen. To enter the TMS Festival Hub, you will need to buy a Festival Pass. All proceeds will go towards artist development and supporting the future of the festival. We've tried to make our pricing as low as possible this year, so please pay what fits your financial situation best: £30, £20 or £10.
Calvin Z. Laing (Scotland)
Cade & MacAskill (Scotland)
Picatrix Ai (UK)
Claricia Parinussa (Scotland)
Lucy & Molly Suggate (Scotland)
600 Highwaymen (USA)
Animals of Distinction (Québec)
Anna Rispoli / Marina Angelotti (Belgium)
Hanna Tuulikki (Scotland)
Mamoru Iriguchi (Scotland)
Sarah Wendt & Pascal Dufaux (Québec)
Barrowland Ballet (Scotland)
Meme Broomes (Scotland)
Keijaun Thomas (USA)
Sarah Hopfinger (Scotland)
Mayday (Québec)
Cindy Islam (Scotland)
Ayò Akínwándé (Nigeria/Scotland)
Nwando Ebizie (UK)
Action Hero / MIA & Eric (England/Canada)
Peter McMaster with Tim Etchells (Scotland)
Joana Tischkau (Germany)
and //BUZZCUT// Festival
Take Me Somewhere is Glasgow’s festival of contemporary international performance, building on the legacy of the Arches arts venue following its closure in 2015. The festival provides a crucial support structure and platform for Scotland’s most vital artists, combined with some of the world’s most cutting-edge contemporary performance makers. Take Me Somewhere’s presence pulsates across the city with inspirational work igniting the city’s main stages, arts venues, churches, nightclubs and gardens. The festival—which has innovative performance at its core—acts as a connector between people, work and ideas, and is inspired by the talent, energy and voracity of the city’s arts community. It’s a space for crucial, diverse voices from here and abroad that take us somewhere in our personal and collective journeys, understanding the globalised and multicultural world we live in; voices that allow us to consider where we are now and envisage what a future somewhere could be.




8. EVENT: OFFTA Festival d’arts vivants
Date: May 28–June 6, 2021; Location: Montréal & online; Source: OFFT
OFFTA Festival d’arts vivants
May 28–June 6, 2021
The OFFTA is back and unfolds off the beaten track for its 15th edition.
A year of living through the pandemic and being forced to distance with one another has had a profound impact on our bodies and our minds. Every day we try to adapt to solitude, to resist isolation and imagine new ways of being and doing. This lack of contact with others has generated an irrepressible desire to come together. A strong and powerful desire, almost akin to withdrawal, which reminds us of the importance of each other’s presence.
What paths can we take in order to find ourselves again? What maps can we draw in order to imagine everyday life being livable once more? How can we navigate in a world that is forever uncertain or seems always further away? How can we avoid going back to the status quo?
Borne by the desire to “come back together, but not to the way things were,” we imagined a nomadic version of the OFFTA that would sneak into the many corners of the city to shed light on the familiar landscapes we had to abandon. Faced with uncertainty, we have decided to vacate our interiors momentarily to come to you—and anyone else who is not expecting us! Artists of this 15th edition take the city by storm and offer singular propositions to re-inhabit this unstable and broken world of ours. Their interventions were redesigned to fit the Montréal context, and to identify potential paths for us to walk along.
Until we can go back to the artistic venues we love so dearly, we will occupy the unexpected and in-between places from Verdun to Rosemont, via Pointe-St-Charles and Centre-Sud. Pencil in hand, we will try to sketch out the blurry outlines, shortcuts and blocks of cohabitation between the city, its artists and you. All this to draw a crude map that we hope will help us model new hospitable spaces.
Menuentakuan + HUB Studio
marion paquette + clara cousineau
Amélie Dallaire
Marion Lessard
Hanako Hoshimi-Caines
Claude Breton-Potvin + Chantal Dupuis
JJ Houle
Sonia Bustos
François Bouvier
L'orchestre d'hommes-orchestres
Soraïda Caron
Guillaume B.B
House of Gahd
Julianne Chapple | Future Leisure
Office for a Human Theatre

Festival passes are now available for purchase and the artists' projects and schedule can be found on the website. Starting May 10, pass holders will be able to access the festival's online booking platform to choose their activities.




9. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival
Dates: June 3–5, 2021; Location: Glasgow & online; Source: TMS

On your screen, Out your door, In your face!

//BUZZCUT//—Scotland's hot-house for experimental performance—will present a Digi-Special-Performance-Spectacular for the final week of Take Me Somewhere.
Over lockdown, //BUZZCUT// have been working with artists & performance makers to explore what live performance can be and do on online spaces or when presented remotely. The festival will feature 25 of these performance experiments, & be a rallying point & celebration of the tenacity and creativity of the UK's performance makers.
The full programme & schedule will be announced on May 13.
//BUZZCUT// was founded by Rosana Cade & Nick Anderson in 2012. Together they set up a free, 5-day performance festival with over 60 artists performing in bars, galleries, shops and galleries across Glasgow. With no funding, the festival was completely DIY and was established on the values of grassroots community support, aiming to create a supportive, friendly environment for artists making raw and challenging work to experiment, gather and form a temporary community. Since then we have become an internationally recognised organisation supporting radical performance practises from all over the world, holding annual festivals of Live Art, year-round artist development opportunities and our monthly performance programme Double Thrills. Our shared vision across all our activity is to create spaces for artists and audiences to experiment with Live Art. Spaces that celebrate risk and embrace failure. Spaces for artists & audiences to meet, share and inspire each other. Spaces that are super warm, super welcoming and super friendly.




10. APPLY: MA Live Art / Queen Mary University of London
Deadline: unspecified; Location: London, England; Source: LADA

Applications are now invited for the full-time programme starting in September 2021.


MA Live Art is the first master’s programme of its kind, and supports research and practice in performance art and site-specific, intimate and durational performance, as well as other forms of experimental practice.
MA Live Art is a specialised programme of taught postgraduate study led by research leaders, industry professionals, and high-profile artists. Graduates will gain theoretical and practical grounding in histories and practices of Live Art, while developing professional capacities and networks. The programme is convened by the Drama Department at QMUL in collaboration with LADA (Live Art Development Agency).
Students will engage with and make performance in dialogue with genealogies of visual art and/or experimental theatre in the twentieth century. They will be enabled to understand, challenge and make Live Art as a technology for intervening in the most pressing issues of our time: of gender, sexual, racial or class identity; of the potential for protest, direct action, and environmental and social justice; and of theoretical investigations concerning the body, time, space, subjectivity, documentation and communication.

LEARN more here about how to apply.




Established in 1993, FADO Performance Art Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run centre based in Toronto, Canada. FADO provides a stage and on-going forum in support of the research and development of contemporary performance art practices in Canada and internationally. As a year-round presentation platform FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and perspectives.

FADO acknowledges that as settlers, we are not the first people to gather, live and work on the land where we currently operate and present our activities, currently referred to as the city of Toronto. In truth, Toronto's real name is tkaronto, meaning "place where trees stand in the water" and it is the traditional and unceded territory of many First Nations and peoples including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. We work and live here in the spirit of the traditional treaty—the Dish with One Spoon treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee—that binds and protects the land.

Artistic + Administrative Director
Shannon Cochrane

Board of Directors
Julian Higuerey Núñez, Chair
Jennifer Snider Cruise, Vice Chair
Cathy Gordon, Treasurer
Clayton Lee, Secretary
Francesco Gagliardi
Freya Björg Olafson

FADO is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.



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