FADO E-LIST (March 2019)

LEE WEN (1957–2019)


Today we are thinking about Lee Wen. He died on Sunday March 3, in Singapore, surrounded by friends and family. If you ever had the opportunity to see him perform live, we imagine that—like us—you are rewinding those memories and smiling. Lee Wen performed in Toronto twice. The first time was at the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art in 2006, and then later Lee performed at FADO Performance Art Centre in 2010, a work from his "Anyhow Blues" project series. You can find images of that work here. There is also a short video clip on our video gallery page here.


If you want to know more about Lee Wen's work, please take a look at these links and join us in remembering this incredible artist.


Lee Wen Archive  (on-line artist archive)

Artists Who Defined Contemporary Southeast Asian Art  (article)

Announcement from The Straits Times





1. WORKSHOP: Family is Like the Forest with Daaimah Mubashshir

Date: March 13, 2019; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Public Recordings

2. CALL FOR SUPPORT: Performance Art Archive: Access and Sustainability

Deadline: 27 days to go; City: Köln, Germany; Source: Michael Barrett

3. EVENT: Humanism in process: Female performance artists at work

Dates: March 4–9, 2019; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond

4. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Vol 24. No. 7, 'On Disappearance'

Deadline date: March 13, 2019; City: the world; Source: Performance Research

5. EVENT: Out of Nowhere 

Date: March 8, 2019; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Joseph Ravens

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Luminous Bodies Art Residency

Deadline date: March 15, 2019; City: Toronto, Canada: Source: Artscape

7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Zero Gravity International Performance Art Festival

Deadline date: March 15, 2019; City: Edmonton, Canada: Source: Beau Coleman

8. EVENT: PAErsche | Early Harvest and Catalogue Launch

Date: March 15–16, 2019; City: Köln, Germany; Source: asabank

9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Franklin Furnace Fund 2019–2020

Deadline date: April 1, 2019; City: NYC, USA; Source: Franklin Furnace

10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performensk Festival 2019

Deadline date: April 15, 2019; City: Minsk, Belarus; Source: Performensk Festival

11. OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: DIS-SENSUS by VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi 

Deadline: April 30, 2019; City: Venice, Italy; Source: VestAndPage

12. PUBLICATION: 9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms

Published by FADO Performance Art Centre and Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies

13. EVENT: VI International  Biennial of  Performance 2018–2019

Date: unspecified: City: multiple: Source: Pertuz Fernando




1. WORKSHOP: Family is Like the Forest with Daaimah Mubashshir

Date: March 13, 2019; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Public Recordings


Presented in partnership with FADO Performance Art Centre

Public Recordings joins with artist duo Life of a Craphead to present a workshop with NYC-based playwright Daaimah Mubashshir. The Immeasurable Want of Light is Mubashshir’s new play created through the author’s daily practice of writing and reflection on Black bodies through the poetics of the star formation process, from dark matter to supernova.

Meeting the playwright’s refusal to reduce the complexity of her subject, this one-night work session aims to imagine the beginning of an equivalently complex production. Centering on a reading of Mubashshir’s The Immeasurable Want of Light, this workshop will practically explore how the elements of collaboration–site, duration, the aesthetic of the collaborators–impel writing into performance, and form into relevance.


Date: Wednesday March 13, 2019

Time: 6pm–10pm

Location: The Commons @ 401 (4th floor), 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Registration is limited and fees are on a sliding scale from $10–70.

To register or for more information write: info@publicrecordings.org

A message from Daaimah Mubashshir: 

“In this workshop we are hoping to excavate and unpack a funny and dense text regarding living in black skin. We will dive into the meaning of historical and cultural signifiers related to oppressed bodies. What happens when a soul frees itself from bondage? Is it threatening or inspiring to witness? During this workshop we will read the text aloud together and discuss the effects on both the listeners and performers.

We are looking for performative artists with a range of melanin levels—i.e. we’re super excited about darker skin folx; however, we have room for light skinned folx as well. This play has lots of characters so the more the merrier... Come with an open heart and mind.”

ABOUT Daaimah Mubashshir

Daaimah Mubashshir is based in NYC. Published works include Come with Me - Solve for X (53rd State Press), Molasses and A Blue Coat (Kenyon Review), and The Immeasurable Want of Light (3 Hole Press). Awards include an 2018 Audrey Residency (New Georges), a MacDowell Colony Fellowship, a Forklift Residency, and a Foundation of Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. Other full length plays include Room Enough (Magic Time @ Judson Church, Clubbed Thumb), There is Something About a Clock Face (The Kilroys, JACK, & Fire This Time Festival) and Rum for Sale. Recent showings include The Chronicles of Cardigan and Khente with Soho Rep's Writer/Director Lab and a new musical, Emily Black is Total Gift, with New Georges. www.daaimahmubashshir.com

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/290434254970894/





2. CALL FOR SUPPORT: Performance Art Archive: Access and Sustainability

Deadline: 27 days to go; City: Köln, Germany; Source: Michael Barrett

Along the Rhine River, there sits a library. It's an art library, to be more precise and it desperately needs the help of friends, artists, caring community members and generous philanthropists who understand the value of free-access, sustainability, and preservation of arts-based literature, video, images, event/program documentation, and artifacts. The time has come for us to care for the space Boris Nieslony has created and dedicated his life.

Initiated by Michael Barrett, there is an crowd sourcing fundraising campaign online to raise the funds to support the incredible performance art archive that Boris Nieslony has dedicated his life (and his own money over all these years) to create, support and bring forward for the community. Please consider donating to this important project.

Link to the Kick Starter: 


For information about the library, visit Die Schwarze Lade - The Black Kit

www.blackkit.org (use Chrome for translating)




More information about Boris Nieslony: https://vimeo.com/32331313





3. EVENT: Humanism in process: Female performance artists at work

Dates: March 4–9, 2019; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond

As part of the celebrations around International Women's Day, Bbeyond, in association with SARC (Sonic Art Research Centre) and Flaxart Studios, presents:

Humanism in process: Female performance artists at work, Part 1. 

March 4–9, 2019

Humanism in process: female performance artists at work, addresses issues of feminism and art, promoting visibility of inequalities and strategies to address these situations, creating openness, awareness and supporting women’s wellbeing through performance art. Demonstrating how performance art has been and is a contemporary art form that suits the needs of human diversity and expressions of freedom.

The project resonates with feminist demands for spaces, activities and a culture for expression to their needs, demands and concerns. Since the 60s, women and feminist struggles have embrace performance art in order to convey their concerns, positions and demands, forming political empowered communities.

The female artists we have invited to this event have fought, embodied and influenced their artists communities and, to a certain extend, their societies, opening new ways to approach issues of gender through their artistic practice, sometimes under hard conditions. These artists have a valuable experience to share with artists and women in Northern Ireland and continue the historical rehabilitation of women’s rights and the humanistic process of equality, based on creativity, knowledge, reflection and debate.

The overall project includes invited artists: Mónica Mayer (Mexico), Denys Blacker (Spain) Sandra Johnston, Jayne Cherry(NI), Aine Philips (Ireland) and SARC artists (Sonic Art Research Centre) Una Lee and Paula Guzzanti.

The first part of this project has been specifically dated to coincide with International Women’s Day, in March, beginning with a workshop hosted by Denys Blacker, followed by a Roundtable Discussions, Workshop Presentations, Solo Performances and a Performance Monthly Meeting.

General schedule:

March 4 - Wed 6 Workshop with Denys Blacker

March 6 - Roundtable talk/discussion at Ulster University, 6pm, chaired by Dr. Chérie Driver

March 7 - Final Presentations as part of Late Night Art, Flaxart Studios, 6pm onwards

March 8 - Performance Evening at SARC (Sonic Art Research Centre) Queens University, 7pm

March 9 - Performance Monthly meeting, 11am, Buoy Park (Note: the International Woman Day march will begin at 12noon from Writers Square)

Event Locations:

Workshop and Presentations: Flaxart Studios, Havelock House, Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 1EB (former UTV studios)

Roundtable talk/discussion: Ulster University York St, Belfast BT15 1ED

Performance Evening: SARC (Sonic Art Research Centre) at Queens University, BT9 5BQ

Performance Monthly meeting: Writers Square Donegal Street, Belfast, BT1 2HB

Cost: All the activities are FREE, except the 3-days workshop, £60, including lunch. 

For more information: www.bbeyond.live



4. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Vol 24. No. 7, 'On Disappearance'

Deadline date: March 13, 2019; City: the world; Source: Performance Research


Vol. 24, No. 7 ‘On Disappearance’ (Oct/Nov 2019)

Proposal deadline: Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Issue Editors:

Esther Belvis, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & 

José Antonio Sánchez, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

This issue focuses on disappearance as a divergent approach to discussing aspects of the geopolitical, symbolic and social in relation to the body, in opposition to the global discourses that approach it from the concept of presence. Disappearance puts critical pressure on the construction of biography and history as it defies visual, continuous and iterative forms of representation and interacts with the vulnerable territory of the invisible. The dramaturgies of disappearance also serve to challenge the neo-liberal tendency to value contemporary arts practice through visibility and productivity and to rethink the blurred territories of the isolated, hidden or unconnected. Moreover, disappearance is closely intertwined with globalization as it generates production modes that render resources, species and cultural traditions and formations extinct. Thus, this issue of Performance Research urges us to consider how contemporary life is shaped by disappearance and how it delimits earthly consequences.

The issue seeks to explore the implications of disappearance as an act, a form of enquiry or narrative and proposes the following topics:

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address forced disappearance as a form of coercion due to political or economic reasons, with a special focus on Latin American but also open to other territories dealing with this issue.

Experimental writings or performative practices that use disappearance as a poetic principle.

Artistic practices that question the disappearance of the author as a critical instrument in opposition to the commercialization and commodification of one’s life.

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that interrogate the disappearance of languages, traditions and other cultural manifestations as a result of neo-colonialism, globalization or extractivism.

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address modes of disappearance related to censorship, historical counterfeit, destruction of archives, etc.

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that give evidence of the disappearance of ecosystems and species as a form of colonialism.

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that address the controversies of individual and collective acts of disappearance.

Artistic practices or theoretical reflections that discuss magic as a ritual that signals the extraordinary and unique in disappearing.

Areas of potential interest and intersections with performance may include, but are not restricted to:

Philosophies of the Anthropocene

Act and gestures of disappearance

Disappearance of species, ecological emergencies

Disappearance of languages and cultural forms

Disappearing identities

The disappearance of the author

Intellectual property, forms of appropriation and the disappearance of art value

Forms of body absence: death, kidnapping, suicide, disappearance

Heritage and disappearance

Destruction of archives

Disappearing institutions

The rise of the digital and disappearance

Amputation, mutilation, abortion and organ transplantation

Poetics of fading

Actions against oblivion and impunity

Silence, inaudibility and disappearance

Inhabiting the invisible

Aesthetics of the absent

Magic, rituals and techniques of disappearance.


Proposals: Wednesday 13 March 2019

First drafts: June 2019

Final drafts: August 2019

Publication: Oct/Nov 2019

Issue contacts:

All proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to Performance Research at: info@performance-research.org

Issue-related enquiries should be directed to the issue editors:

Esther Belvis: hi@estherbelvis.com

José Antonio Sánchez: JoseA.Sanchez@uclm.es

General Guidelines for Submissions: 

–Before submitting a proposal, we encourage you to visit our website and familiarize yourself with the journal.

–Proposals will be accepted by email (Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF)). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side.

–Please include your surname in the file name of the document you send.

–Please include the issue title and issue number in the subject line of your email.

–Submission of images and other visual material is welcome provided that all attachments do not exceed 5 MB, and there is a maximum of five images.

–Submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

–If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to submit an article in first draft by the deadline indicated above. On the final acceptance of a completed article you will be asked to sign an author agreement in order for your work to be published in Performance Research.





5. EVENT: Out of Nowhere 

Date: March 8, 2019; City: Chicago, USA; Source: Joseph Ravens

DFBRL8R + Zhou B present:

Out of Nowhere

Tomasz Szrama (Finland)

Gabriele Longega (Italy)

Vicente Ugartechea (Chicago)

Friday March 15, 7–10pm

Sunday March 24, 6–8pm

Location: Zhou B Art Center, 1029 W. 35th Street, Chicago


Out of Nowhere is about artists who harness the unexpected; conjuring magical moments from thin air. The artists in this exhibition have in common their use of everyday objects and their skillful manoeuvres to transcend the quotidian. Improvisation, participation, risk, and all things unexpected come together in one evening of performance art.

Defibrillator Gallery [a.k.a. DFBRL8R] is an international platform for Performance Art. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, DFBRL8R contextualizes performance in the realm of visual art, embracing those who look to the body in concert and conversation with time, space, object, nature, architecture, or society. Bold and courageous programming aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding underrepresented voices and time-based practices. Working with both established and emerging artists, DFBRL8R is dedicated to fostering local makers while invigorating Chicago with artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Actively contributing to a global dialog surrounding conceptual, ephemeral, or enigmatic forms of expression, DFBRL8R aims to raise awareness, appreciation, and respect for the discipline of Performance Art. Defibrillator is made possible with support from The Martha Strutters Farley and Donald C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation; Zhou B Art Center; DFBRL8R Board of Directors; and generous contributions from our loving community.

Zhou B Art Center is a private non-government funded complex that facilitates the exchange of contemporary art between Chicago and the international art community. Founded in 2004 by the Zhou Brothers in Chicago’s historic Bridgeport neighbourhood, The Zhou B Art Center has a mission to engage in cultural dialogue through contemporary art exhibitions and international programming.





6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Luminous Bodies Art Residency

Deadline date: March 15, 2019; City: Toronto, Canada: Source: Artscape



Programmed Art Residency

Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Canada


Residency Dates: July 2–15, 2019

Extended Deadline: March 15, 2019

Luminous Bodies is a two-week residency to create artworks that shed new light on the human body. Its objective is to challenge “normativity” and Otherness. Its goal is to reinvent and re-present the body in most inclusive and diverse ways. Resident artist talks, gallery tours, visual and textual references, guest artist talks, and regular critiques (individual with Facilitator and group critiques) help uncover how our bodies are culturally and aesthetically constructed, displayed and controlled. Residents work individually or collaboratively to create artworks that reinvent the body through media of their choice, such as photography, video, installation, drawing, painting, performance, movement, sound art, media art, etc. There will be a closing exhibition of artworks created during the residency (if preferred, artists may show in open studio fashion). The essence of Luminous Bodies is about bringing to light heterogeneous bodies. It welcomes people in all walks of life into a creative journey of critical innovation and self-discovery. People with disabilities, people of colour and diverse gender identifications are encouraged to apply.

Artscape Gibraltar Point is an artist retreat nestled against the magnificent natural backdrop of Toronto Island. It offers a distraction-free environment to focus on art creation, and a rich potential for the creation of corporeal artworks amongst its blue-flag beaches (one of them being clothing optional) and natural surroundings of Lake Ontario, forests and gardens filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables. On the island, there are tiny quaint homes, a historic lighthouse, a hobby farm and antique carnival grounds. Cozy up in a furnished studio and bedroom, and enjoy amenities such as a fully equipped common kitchen, shared bathrooms, laundry facilities and wireless Internet. AGP is a barrier free and inclusive environment. The Toronto city core is just a 15-minute ferry ride away.

For more details and to apply visit: www.LuminousBodies.com




7. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Zero Gravity International Performance Art Festival

Deadline date: March 15, 2019; City: Edmonton, Canada: Source: Beau Coleman


This call is for Canadian artists only.

DEADLINE: March 15, 2019 


The Zero Gravity International Performance Art SUMMIT is a 10-day visual performance art event taking place in Edmonton, Canada May 10–19, 2019. The SUMMIT, produced by Mile Zero Dance and curated by Beau Coleman, is taking place in two parts:


Zero Gravity Performance Art WORKSHOP (May 10–15, 2019)

A 6-day workshop offering access into the working processes, methodologies and approaches of five internationally-established performance artists.  Co-facilitated by: Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith (Germany), Francesco Kiàis (Italy-Greece), PASHIAS (Cyprus), Alexandra Zierle (Germany-United Kingdom) and Beau Coleman (Canada).  Workshop participants will present their own original performances on the first day of the FESTIVAL. Workshop Fee: $500 CDN (20 participants maximum).


Zero Gravity International Performance Art FESTIVAL (May 16–19, 2019)

A 4-day festival presenting the work of established and emerging international, national and local performance artists. The FESTIVAL will consist of indoor and outdoor performances and artist talks/discussions. This Open Call for Submissions invites Canadian artists (national and local) to submit works for consideration for the Zero Gravity International Performance Art FESTIVAL portion of the SUMMIT. 



We live in dangerous and precarious times. How can art rise above the current times we live in to think in new ways; not only as a means of escape, but as a call to action?  What do performance artists have to say about the ‘gravity’ of the world?


PERFORMANCE DURATION: up to 30 minutes. Longer durational performances (up to 2 hours) will be considered, but may not be able to be accommodated due to limitations of space.  


EQUITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION: We particularly welcome proposals from artists who identify as being Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis), ethnically-diverse, deaf, disabled or LGBTQ2S+.


As one of the objectives of the SUMMIT is to create a dialogue amongst Canadian, International and Local performance artists, Festival Artists who reside outside of Edmonton will receive support so they may participate in all 4 days of the Zero Gravity International Performance Art FESTIVAL (May 16–19, 2019).


What We Offer:

Artist Fee: $500 (exceeds CARFAC fees)

Indoor & Outdoor Performance Spaces (majority indoor)

Technical Support (minimal, performances should be self-sufficient)

Documentation (photos and/or video)

Access to all events at the festival.


For national artists, we offer the above in addition to:

Accommodation: billeting (5 nights)

Per Diem (5 days)


Please Note: We are unable to support Canadian airfare at this time. However, the festival organizers are able to provide official letters of invitation, so artists may seek additional funding to support their participation in the festival program.



Submit all Application Written Materials via a SINGLE PDF. 

Photos (JPEG): 2MB maximum.

Provide password to website links if necessary (i.e. Vimeo)


1. ARTIST INFO: Legal Name, Professional Name, Pronouns, Address, Telephone (cell preferred), Email, Website (if applicable).

2. PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTION (500 words each, you may submit up to 2 works): Title (if applicable), Duration/Format, Technical Requirements (if appropriate) – minimum technical support, Description of Work and Relationship to Theme

3. ARTIST STATEMENT (300 words max): Include how the proposed performance fits into your overall artistic practice. (300 Words Max)

4. ARTIST BIO (200 words max)

5. ARTIST CV (2 pages max)

6. DOCUMENTATION (JPEG and/or Website Links): Images/Video:  Up to 10 images of your work and/or a link to 5 minutes of video via website or social media platform (Vimeo, YouTUBE etc.). Images should be JPEGS only (1024 x 768 pixels).  Provide an Image Contents List stating: Last Name/Title/Venue/Date for each image, Artist Website (if applicable)


SEND all application materials to: Beau Coleman

Curator, Zero Gravity International Performance Art SUMMIT

Email: coleman.beau@gmail.com

Final deadline: March 15, 2019




8. EVENT: PAErsche | Early Harvest and Catalogue Launch

Date: March 15–16, 2019; City: Köln, Germany; Source: asabank


"Frühe Ernte" | "Early Harvest"  

Within the framework of an Open Performance Atelier, the participating artists* will explore from 2 pm onwards. Space and materials, interact with each other, seek references and test methods. Synergies, opposites and toxic mixtures are fathomed.  A common action, which starts from 19:00 clock in with an Open Source Group-Performance. "Frühe Ernte" | "Early Harvest" is the starting point for the work of PAErsche Aktionslabor this year. More events will follow!

Date: March 16, 2019

Time: 2:00pm–9:00pm

Location: Kunstverein Koelnberg | Aachener Str. 66 | 50674 Köln

Info: www.paersche.org


We can celebrate the release of the catalogue from the 24 days of 24h performances in September 2017!

"Sharing 576h"!

When: March 15, 2019

Time: 7:00pm

Where: Galerie Koppelmann, Nippes, Köln

Please come, celebrate and have a drink with us!

Order the catalogue through PAErsche

Address: PAErsche /

Quartier am Hafen / Poller Kirchweg 78-90 / 

D - 51105 - Köln/Poll




9. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Franklin Furnace Fund 2019–2020

Deadline date: April 1, 2019; City: NYC, USA; Source: Franklin Furnace


Now accepting applications to the FRANKLIN FURNACE FUND!


The Franklin Furnace Fund awards grants annually to early career artists to enable them to produce major performance art works in New York. Grants range between $2,000 and $10,000 based on the peer review panel allocation of funding received by Franklin Furnace.


Franklin Furnace has no curator; each year a new panel of artists reviews all proposals. We believe this peer panel system allows all kinds of artists from all over the world an equal shot at presenting their work. Every year the panel changes, as do the definitions of "early career artist" and "performance art." So if at first you don't succeed, please try again.


The Franklin Furnace Fund 2019–2020 is supported by Jerome Foundation and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Artists supported by funding from Jerome Foundation must live in the five boroughs of New York City or the state of Minnesota.


Artists from all areas of the world are encouraged to apply; however, artists selected by the panel are expected to present their work in New York City. Full-time students are ineligible.


To apply to The Franklin Furnace Fund, please read the application guidelines carefully and apply using our online application form. Please note: In order to access the online application form you must first complete a brief questionnaire that will help determine your eligibility. If eligibility is confirmed, you will be provided with a link to the online application.


Check the website for guidelines and submission form: www.franklinfurnace.org/




10. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performensk Festival 2019

Deadline date: April 15, 2019; City: Minsk, Belarus; Source: Performensk Festival

Performensk Festival 2019

September 6–9, 2019

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Performensk is a second edition of the festival focusing on the presentation of performative art - an art which is presented live, "here and now“ in front of the audience.

More specifically Performensk aims to present works belonging under fields of 

–experimental theatre 

–performance/live art 

–sound art


In this open call we are seeking for LONG DURATIONAL PERFORMANCES commissioned specifically for the Performensk 2019 festival and created in response to the festival's site. Selected artists will be given an opportunity to come for a SHORT-TERM RESIDENCY (approximately one week) before the festival. During the time of the residency participants can prepare their individual projects or to form team(s) and work together. Under the term „long durational performance“ we understand performances whose length will be from several hours to several days and which will be happening simultaneously with the rest of the program.


The theme of this year's edition of the festival is the SPACE.

It is a broad topic which could be approached from many different angles. From the mathematical perspective our current understanding of the space is largely based on the so called Euclid's axioms formulated by the ancient mathematician and geometer Euclid. For example that the sum of angles of a triangle equals 180° or that two parallels never intersect.

If we take a step from mathematics and physics we can think of the space in philosophy: the philosophy of space and time representing the whole independent stream of thinking. Its proponents being such figures as Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Leibniz or Martin Heidegger. Many people are fascinated by the infinite cosmic space as well as the microcosmos invisible to the human eye. The space as a space for living is indivisible from our everyday lives. In the context of the mental space we are saying: "My head is full, I have no space for thinking.“ The space which is given to an individual in a society differs significantly in relation to his or her place of origin, social class, economical situation, gender, race, sexual orientation etc.

In the art context the space is one of the basic elements defining the final artwork. What is the relation between the work and the space in which is it realized? Is it possible to transfer the piece into an other location or is it indivisible from the space in which it was created? What is the difference between the transferable projects created for the theatre "black boxes“ (or "white cubes“ of galleries) and site-specific works tightly connected to the particular locations? What is the size of the respective artwork? Is it small, almost invisible or monumental?

There are many factors which influence possibilities of an artist to realize him or herself freely, to „have a space“ for their creation. Artist's economical situation is one of them. For those financially independent it is easier to create for quite obvious reasons: they do not have to invest energy and time in the money-making and can focus solely on their art. The art market offers an income opportunity but it also brings a risk of commodification. Both the content and the form are being adapted for the purposes of the grant applications, artists are fighting each other for funds. Rather than on the perfectioning of the work the energy is being spent on the self-promotion. Crucial is also the censorship issue. An impossibility to realize oneself freely complicates and deforms the artistic work. While in some communities the value of art for the society is recognized, in other cases the art becomes only a tool supporting the ruling ideology, be it due to the ignorance or with a deliberate power aims.


-> technical support

-> venue to perform

-> documentation

-> accommodation

-> promotion of the work

-> assistance with obtaining visa to Belarus / issuing the visa to Belarus

For more information, please go to the Facebook posting: www.facebook.com/events/358262244779503/

TO APPLY, please fill out the google doc here: 





11. OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS: DIS-SENSUS by VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi 

Deadline: April 30, 2019; City: Venice, Italy; Source: VestAndPage

In the framework of the Educational Learning Program of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, Studio Contemporaneo in collaboration with Live Arts Cultures are glad to present the sixth of a series of practical workshops on performance art in Venice:


Joint Performance Summer Class by VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi 

5 to 14 June 2019

C32 performing art work space, Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy

With a final public presentation on Friday, June 14, 2019

Applications are now accepted on a rolling base until April 30, 2019. To apply, please fill out the online form on https://bit.ly/2MYfQcB.

The artist duos VestAndPage and Andrigo & Aliprandi merge their unique pedagogical practices in a joint immersive performance class "DIS-SENSUS" as part of the ART WEEK | Workshop Series. The intensive summer class takes place on the campus at C32 performing art work space in Venice, situated in the heart of Forte Marghera, a historical park facing the western bank of the Venice lagoon. A final public sharing of the workshop will be presented on Friday, June 14 and documentation of the workshop will become part of the archive of the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK. The joint laboratory process will revolve around a range of techniques reflecting the two duos art practices and methodologies:

VestAndPage's backgrounds run along the interface of visual arts, performing arts, experimental and Social Theatre and creative writings. They aim to empower emotional intelligence, readiness, responsiveness, empathy, awareness, notions of critical, creative and divergent thinking, including mindful risk-assessment. The body as a poetic and imaginary landscape, with the three bodies (physical, mental and spiritual) as primary artistic tools.

Andrigo & Aliprandi apply their backgrounds in movement, sound, and philosophy, and are dedicated to repetition, durability and real-time composition. They share knowledge and experiences through physical and concrete practices to recognize together the infinite ways to read origins and destinations that turn a gesture into a poetic act. Lightness and extravagance of the act are accepted so as not to fall into self-referentiality, and intuition is used as a result of a receptive capacity facing outward.


Societal systems of reference in which artists act and operate and to which they respond through their art making are ever-changing. In the contemporary global context, opportunistic ways of thinking are continuing to claim strategies and stages of development, to fuel impulsive, self-protective, ego-centric structures and behavior. Notwithstanding, the ingraining of conscientiousness, individualism, autonomy, and integration is actively moving forward, ubiquitously and intimately woven into the fabric of our collective existence. A growing freeing from oppressive demands goes along with a quality of synthesis, confrontation, and recognition within the plurality of individuals, and the evolutionary formation of societies.

In this intensive Summer Class, the artist duos VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi merge their performance methodologies to enquire into and strengthen a poetics of toleration, understanding, and acknowledgment of divergent thinking and its conceptual complexity. The aim is to highlight differences, ambiguities, and diversities as antidotes to the staling normative, both within the process of art-making and from a psycho-social perspective. We will work to embrace polarity and multiple facets through a training aiming to unfold the complication of an increasingly intricated world. Thinking multi-perspectively, we inquire into ourselves and our positions and take the viewpoints, stances, and needs of multiple social groups into consideration. Here, learning and togetherness are understood as unavoidable, and the unattainable as a possibility. Broad empathy towards oneself and the others favor the cherishing of individuality, and honor self-actualization to work out identities that reconcile to their destiny. We look at a merging with the world through art processes, where we no more hold onto a status quo, but engage in the flow of existence always at stake, by inquisitively inhabiting inner conflicts through performance making. In an alternation between complexity and simplicity, or construct and essence, the intermingling of different states of consciousness is possible. Thinking and acting in time cycles and historical dimensions we live our contemporaneity openly and progressively, all accepting aspects of one another.

How to sense – How to come in touch with our difference? Where is the source of performing a difference and what it is directed towards?

How to dissent – Is difference something intimate, learned, imposed, or acquired? How to transform a possible difference in art?

Now imagine life. What does it look like?

–We are looking for a maximum of 25 international performance artists, radical actors, movers, sound artists and poets interested in physical art practice, including all levels and different abilities. 

–Dates: June 5–14, 2019 (With the arrival on June 4 and departure on June 15)

–We are able to offer this Intensive Summer Class for a comprehensive fee of 550 Euros, including shared accommodation in Forte Marghera and vegetarian meals during the workshop period (June 5–14).

–Applications are now accepted on a rolling base until April 30, 2019. To apply, please fill in the online form on https://bit.ly/2MYfQcB.

–For further information please contact (including both emails): info@veniceperformanceart.org, info@mariannaandrigo.it


Artist Verena Stenke and artist and writer Andrea Pagnes have been working together since 2006 as VestAndPage, creating live performances, performance-based films, performance visuals, and poetic writings since over a decade, exploring performance art as phenomena through their collaborative creative practice, as well as through theoretical artistic research and temporary artistic community projects. Their art practice is contextual and situation-responsive, conceived psycho-geographically in response to social contexts, natural surroundings, historical sites, and architectures. In a "Poetics of Relations" they examine notions of temporalities, memory strata, communication and fragility of the individual and the collective within social and environmental spheres, applying the themes of trust in change, union, endurance, pain sublimation and risk-taking with a poetic bodily approach to art practice and a focus on universal human experiences. While encompassing a range of subtly different concepts, they primarily express VestAndPage's view on reality while adding or revealing poetic elements as a rebellion against the exercise of power and discrimination among human beings.



Dancer and performer Marianna Andrigo and multimedia artist and sound performer Aldo Aliprandi have been collaborating since 2009. Their oeuvre and artistic research intertwine various performative languages, deepening the relationship between body movement and sound-motion. Andrigo & Aliprandi's live performances are mainly conceived site-specific, often in places characterised by the full verticality and the consequent shiver of vertigo that it produces. In their reference landscape, they move between philosophy, theatre, sound and movement experimentation by investigating an aesthetic that falls in love with detail and silence, as well with entropic dynamic energy moved by emotions as enlightenment in the creative process. Their work favours shifting from comfort zones to places unknown yet — those invisible places where the performer needs to stand on the alert to trigger the creative act.




Ideated and curated by artist duo VestAndPage, the Venice International Performance Art Week is the international live art exhibition project taking place since 2012 at historical Venetian premises. Up to date, the project has extensively presented historic pioneer works on exhibit in conjunction with live programs of durational performances, lectures and artist talks, showing over 150 international artists, as well as the ongoing Educational Learning Program, Workshop Series and the residential "Co-Creation Live Factory". Since 2013, the ART WEEK | Workshop Series have been realized every year in collaboration with Live Arts Cultures Cultural Association. 





12. PUBLICATION: 9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms

Published by FADO Performance Art Centre and Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies


9Questions, an artist project by Gustaf Broms


Publication: $20

Publication & postage for Toronto: $25

Publication & postage to Canada/USA: $30

Publication & postaget to UK/Europe: $35


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In 2014, Swedish performance and visual artist Gustaf Broms composed a list of nine questions that he started to circulate to fellow performance artists—many he had a personal connection with and many more he had never even met. The questions covered a range of paired concepts—the bricks and mortar of performance practice (including Material/object, Audience/receiver, Sound/silence, Time/rhythm, Space/emptiness)—and grounded by questions about personal experience, lineage and language. The impulse to gather this collection arose from a conversation Broms had had with another artist; but what makes this volume first and foremost an artist’s book is that the questions are asked from the specific perspective of Broms’ deep personal understanding that, as a practice, performance resides at the permeable borders between the conscious and subconscious, and the meeting of the concrete world of form and the spiritual realm. For Broms, these are the essential questions. The responses collected are as diverse and wide-ranging as the artists and their own approaches, from the practical, to the abstract to the simply far-flung, in addition to some reassuring and surprising overlapping ideas and connections. 


The roster of contributors to the 9Questions book project is an impressive array of international performance artists whose work covers a range of performance and performative multi-disciplinary approaches, including: Adina Bar-On, Alastair MacLennan, Andrea Saemann, Antoni Karwowski, Arahmaiani, Artur Tajber, Barbara T. Smith, Bartolomé Ferrando, Boris Nieslony, Brian Connolly, Dorothea Rust, Elvira Santamaria-Torres, Esther Ferrer, Fausto Grossi, Guadalupe Neves, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Gustaf Broms, He Yunchang, hermann nitsch, Irma Optimist, Jamie McMurry, Jill Orr, Johanna Householder, John Duncan, Kurt Johannessen, Leif Elggren, Linda Mary Montano, Macarena Perich Rosas, Margaret Dragu, Mariel Carranza, Marilyn Arsem, Martha Wilson, Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill, Myriam Laplante, Nigel Rolfe, Nobuo Kubota, Paul Couillard, Pekka Kainulainen, Rocio Boliver, Roi Vaara, Ron Athey, Serge Olivier Fokoua, Shannon Cochrane, Stelarc, Tanya Mars, Tehching Hsieh, Tomas Ruller, Valentin Torrens, Zbigniew Warpechowski and Zhu Ming. 



Gustaf Broms is a Swedish visual artist working in performance, video and photography. His performance work has presented work across Europe, Asia and North America. His practice is engaged with the exploration of the nature of consciousness, the dualistic concept of "I," as the biological reality of being in the BODY, and being MIND, as the perceived experience of the flow of phenomena. He is a co-founding member of REVOLVE Performance Festival in Uppsala. He was the subject of 2012 film, The Mystery of Life – An Art Apart: Gustaf Broms by Carl Abrahamsson. 


Published by FADO Performance Art Centre and Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies

Edited by Gustaf Broms and Shannon Cochrane

Translations by Paula Alvarado, Robert Rowley, Nicolas Scrutton, Jie Wang

Design: Lisa Kiss Design



978-0-9730883-4-2 (FADO Performance Art Centre, Canada)

978-91-639-8460-0 (Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies, Sweden)


This publication project is supported by Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden. FADO Performance Art Centre acknowledges the suport of the Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage.






13. EVENT: VI International  Biennial of  Performance 2018–2019

Date: unspecified: City: multiple: Source: Pertuz Fernando



Countries 26

Performances 113 

Workshops 4

Talks 14

Exhibitions 4

Talks / Workshops / Writings / Performance / Urban Intervention / Theatre / Performance

Photo / Video Performance / Documentary / Live Transmissions


Activist., Leader, Artivist, Environmentalist, CiberActivist, Community Leader, Defender of Rights, Direct Action, Peaceful Action, Indigenous Leader, Woman, Man, Children, Girls, Thinker, Artist, Poet ... What do you defend? - What is your action?


Colombia–Portugal–ChileBrazilDenmarkArgentinaGraceGermanyUnited StatesIndonesiaNetherlandsFranceMexicoPuerto RicoSpainThailandIndiaViet NamEnglandEcuadorPanamaCosta RicaCubaItalyHungaryVenezuela

Many works of art talk of time, social situations or personal conflicts which help us to understand what happened. They question us about who we are, what we think or feel, while others inspire us to transform our lives or the environment.

A photograph, a video, a body in action; they can make us to think and feel many things to those who appreciate them; we have laughed and cried watching movies, and many works, including books and works of art have enlightened us. We call on all those who use their bodies as a means of expression to share how they react peacefully about what affects the individual and the environment. It’s about reflecting on what this contributes to sensitize or make memories and create awareness or social commitments.

The samples have as their central axis the theme ̈activism ̈, which refers to an active thought and attitude towards the becomings of existence. In this last decade we have seen this in the form of social movements, NGOs, indigenous and peasant communities demonstrating against what oppresses them; people use their bodies symbolically to demand their rights in a collective action generated in different parts of the planet. This all transforms the activism of a militant group, extreme and violent, to an attitude committed to social transformation for the benefit of the Common Unity and the environment.


Corporal, Gestural and Visceral Movement

Archive of World Performance

Manifestos of Gender, Race and Relations

Social, Political and Critical Body

Corporal, Gestural and Visceral Movement

Theatre, dance, body expression, the body in tension with internal and external conflicts, where the gesture, the expression, the look, the agitated breathing, become a means of expression when the words they can 

not tell what happened. Our body is a tool, surface, study material that connects us with the ancestral, with the animal, with the earth and with the cosmos, looking for our limits, our fears, in a ritual that confronts us, becoming a mirror of a world that has something absurd and beautiful at the same time. Here we are not talking about struggles for society, or for the individual, here you are not talking with words, you are feeling, you are experiencing, you are trying to unfold the image so that we can perceive other realities, other ways of seeing, of feeling and to coexist.

Manifestos of Gender, Race and Relations

Artists, activists, gays, men, women, the trans community, social organizations, fathers and mothers. All talking about their problems, difficulties, rejections, segregations, xenophobia issues and perspectives. Accepting ourselves as we are is already a challenge, much more than our families, friends and communities accept us as we are. It's completely absurd that we are segregated by the colour of our skin, or by our sexual or gender diversity, it is inconceivable that year after year, human beings are killed or assaulted because they do not belong to the standards of man or woman that are imposed as social control and corporal. Speaking from the depths and from your personal experiences in the midst of a society that aims to homogenize individuals and relationships, is an act of resistance to bio-power or control over bodies.

Social, Political and Critical Body

It is inevitable that what happens around us does not cause us to shout or react some times with words and the other times with facts that seek to point out and give us a light on the way. Here the bodies are a means that speak for the entire social body, interlocutors of communities and mediators of a society silenced by oppression. They point out what affects all of us and everything. They are overwhelmed by the current situation and try to unleash micro-protests that can create citizen awareness and social commitment. Ephemeral actions in public spaces, aimed at strengthening empowerment, trust, respect, solidarity, collective work and common well-being. Conscious proposals of the past and the present that want another future, another way of living together, and therefore take the option to talk about life, from life and for life.


PerfoArtNet 2008-2018





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