FADO E-LIST (May 2018)


1. FADO Performance Art Centre hosts Toronto’s hottest performance art POP-UP

Good Buy! by Tanya Mars

Date: May 3–5, 2018

2. FADO Performance Art Centre and SAVAC co-present

Weather to Store by Kristina Guison

Date: May 14–19, 2018

3. EVENT: Performance Crossings

Date: April 25–28, 2018; City: Prague, Czech Republic; Source: Performance Crossings

4. EVENT: TRANSACTIONS: Boston artists exchange @Belfast, N.Ireland

Date: May 3–12, 2018; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: mobius

5. EVENT: REVOLVE Performance Art Days

Date: May 17–19, 2018; City: Örbyhus & Uppsala, Sweden; Source: Gustaf Broms

6. EVENT: PAErsche presents En Route performance walk

Date: May 19, 2018; City: Cologne, Germany; Source: asabank

7. WORKSHOP: The Autoworkshop Collective in Toronto

Date: May 23–26, 2018; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: The Autoworkshop Collective

8. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Vol. 24, No. 2: ‘On Mountains’ (March '19)

Deadline date: May 29, 2018; City: the world; Source: Performance Research




1. FADO Performance Art Centre hosts Toronto’s hottest performance art POP-UP

Good Buy! by Tanya Mars

Date: May 3–5, 2018


For 3-days only! Not to be missed! Rare opportunity!


Opening night performance-lecture by Tanya Mars

Performances by Paul Ledoux and shop tours by official merchandiser, collaborator and muse, Odette Oliver


Q: What do performance artists do when faced with rising rents, rarefied availability, aging and too much stuff?  

A: Go out of business! (or)

B: Downsize. Re-purpose. Re-gift. (or)

C: Move to Hamilton.


Something for everyone! Be the first to own an original Mars! Everything must go! For 3 days only, you will have the unique opportunity to see, touch, smell (and buy!) decades of treasures collected in the name of art. One-part exhibition of performance materials and one-part studio sale. Come and browse the materials, objects, costume bits and other curiosities from Tanya Mars’ personal studio/storage locker. Everything is up for grabs at Toronto’s hottest performance art POP-UP shop, Good Buy!



May 3–5, 2018



The Commons @ 401

401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

4th floor, suite 440




Thursday, May 3

7pm: Doors open to the public & performance-lecture by Tanya Mars

7:30–9pm: shopping + refreshments

ADMISSION: $5 / $2 for students and seniors / CASH ONLY


Friday, May 4

12pm–9pm: shop open 

7pm: Performance by one of Mars’ long-time collaborators, playwright Paul Ledoux



Saturday, May 5

12pm–6pm: shop open



Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/357169541469257

Follow us on Instagram: @marsplanetred @FADOPerformanceArtCentre



Tanya Mars is a feminist performance artist who has been involved in the Canadian art scene since 1973, and has been collecting valuable stuff all that time, lugging it from Montreal to Toronto to Shelburne, Nova Scotia and back again to Toronto. Disguised as “art materials” some of these things have been used in performances over the years, other things are performances-in-waiting. 


She’s done a lot of things. Among them: Performances (solo and collaborative) in Canada, the Arctic, Europe, South America, China, Mexico and US; director/member of Powerhouse/La Centrale; Editor of Parallelogramme/ANNPAC (if anybody remembers what those things are); some videos; collective member of 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art; two books on Canadian Women Performance Artists with Johanna Householder; teaching performance at NSCAD and UTSC; parent, grandparent, Art Mom to many.




2. FADO Performance Art Centre and SAVAC co-present

Weather to Store by Kristina Guison

Date: May 14–19, 2018 + other dates/venues to be announced


Venue: Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space (4th floor), 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Date: May 14–19, 2018

Times: 12pm–5pm


Precarity renders the acquisition, care and disposal of an object into an emotionally loaded, calculative problem. The lifecycle of an object depends on its size, utility, affective potential and value. Where do you store grandma’s fine china in a tiny rented apartment? How long do you hold on to the unique piece of metal that you dumpstered for an art project ten years ago? Does your sculpture have more value sitting on a plinth in gallery, or on a shelf in storage?

Weather to Store is a durational performance in three acts. In each act a collection of objects is arranged and manipulated in different ways, and in three distinct spaces: the outdoors, a gallery and a self-storage container. The sequence of time, the utility of the objects and the designated spaces that these objects and actions occupy are displaced and dis-jointed, mediating on and revealing how context influences their shifting and impermanent value. 



ACT 1: Gallery

Weather to Store starts outside. The artist converts a patch of space outdoors into a gallery and mounts an exhibition, delineated by tape lines drawn on the ground.The dimension of the designated space corresponds to a typical medium sized self-storage space. The exhibition is comprised of unfinished, raw materials presented and sold as art objects along with functional objects hindered from exercising their potential utility. Date and venue to be announced in May.



ACT 2: Storage

In the second act of Weather to Store, a gallery space is reframed as a typical storage locker. The artist and her exhibition take up residence in the gallery and perform ‘storing’ in situ. The artist stacks, re-orders and rearranges the art objects in the gallery-turned-storage over the course of the residency. The various configurations reveal the process through which objects are ascribed value in storage. Audience is invited to come and go during gallery hours. 


Venue: Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space, 401 Richmond Street West, suite 440

Date: May 14–19, 2018

Times: 12pm–5pm (daily)



ACT 3: Outside

Weather to Store ends in a self-storage facility. The artist moves her objects for the last time into a storage locker. Opting out of preservationist logics of climate-controlled storage spaces, the artist performs the laborious process of weathering them artificially as an additive and depreciating performative gesture.


Venue: Planet Storage (presented in partnership with Art Spin's Holding Patterns)

Date: October 2019 




Kristina Guison is a Manila-born, Toronto-based, Filipino-Canadian artist. She works in the realm of sculpture, installation, performance, social practices and tattoos. Her practice is an investigation of themes relating to globalization and transnational identities across geographical spaces and time (Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post-Colonial) as they culminate in the 21st socio-cultural landscape. She is interested in identifying elements and patterns in this landscape, particularly ones that behave as catalysts and residues that simultaneously extend and limit human experience.




SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) is a non-profit, artist-run centre in Canada dedicated to increasing the visibility of culturally diverse artists by curating and exhibiting their work, providing mentorship, facilitating professional development and creating a community for our artists. SAVAC was founded to be an organization staffed by people of colour, committed to support the work of artists of colour.





3. EVENT: Performance Crossings

Date: April 25–28, 2018; City: Prague, Czech Republic; Source: Performance Crossings


Performance Crossings is an international festival aimed at the comprehension of contemporary trends in performance art. Performance art is similar to drama, poetry, or punk music in the form of specific, unique, and artistic expression of a dialogue with an audience. Performance Crossings suggests basic insight to various forms of performance art with an emphasis in understanding stylistic principles and establishing mutual connections between a performer and a spectator / between an idea and its materialization.



Cross Attic - Cross Club

Plynární 23, Praha 7, 170 00

Czech Republic



Below is a list of confirmed artists that will present themselves during the Performance Crossings 2018! Await more than 30 artists from over 20 world countries. As prolinking through the profiles of artists one can see the fabulous diversity in artistic approaches. For us this is the first promise and highlight of meaningful event as we still need to learn and put energy into perceiving things/topics/situations not only from the very obvious, convenient perspectives, but also through those which we are not used to. Art is a place for dialogue. Performance Crossings are an encounter and invitation for putting this dialogue into practice.


This year we have been choosing from over 66 unique applications. Though we’d like to accept more and make Performance Crossings even more diverse it would go over the capacity of ours and of the planned four day performance fiesta. We’d like to thank each of the single applicant for their effort.


4fold [B/PL/CZ/UK]

Alexandra Holownia [PL]

bambule.babys [DE]

Belinda Campbell [CDN]

Blear Moon [RU/CZ]

Callum Harper [AUS/UK]

Christian Bujold [CDN]

Corporal Outis [USA]

Darina Alster + Jana Orlová [CZ]

Davide De Lillis [I]

Dominika Katarzyna Borkowska [PL]

Eva Slížová [CZ] 

Helush Yiraq [CZ]

Ideas Generation [ET/MEX/E/VN/IND/GE/USA/CZ]

Ilze Mazpane & Sanita Duka [LV]

István Kovács [HU]

Jolanda Jansen [NL]

Joran*Yonis [DE]

Kuba Falkowski [PL] 

Lucie Doležalová & Denisa Švachová [CZ]

Luke Jordan [UK]

Mariana Rocha [BR] 

Matouš Hejl [CZ]

Melina Peña Cota [E]

Natacha Voliakovsky [RA]

Oleksiy Zaitsev [UA] 

Piotr Kozakiewicz [PL]

Salla Valle [FIN]

Sangra & Loro [E]

Veera Lohiniva [FIN]

Ulla Hvejsel [DK]

Yesenia Trobbiani [I]


special programme:

Five Stages of FEAR






4. EVENT: TRANSACTIONS: Boston artists exchange @Belfast, N.Ireland

Date: May 3–12, 2018; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: mobius


Bbeyond in conjuction with Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival present



Boston artists exchange



May 3–12, 2018



Marilyn Arsem 

Jimena Bermejo 

Daniel S. DeLuca 

Milan Kohout 

Mari Novotny-Jones 

Sandrine Schaefer 

Anna Wexler


TRANSACTIONS is an exchange between two prominent experimental artists' groups, Mobius Artists Group in Boston and Bbeyond in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


This exchange, which emphasizes Boston and Belfast's relationship as sister cities, provides opportunities for artists working at the helm of experimental practice in live performance to learn from each other, share audiences, work across national and cultural contexts while building connections through the creation of new works.


This May, seven Mobius artists: Marilyn Arsem, Jimena Bermejo, Daniel S. DeLuca, Milan Kohout, Mari Novotny-Jones, Sandrine Schaefer and Anna Wexler, will perform new works in Belfast specifically created for presentation in outdoor public space, as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.


In September, five artists from Belfast, Northern Ireland's Bbeyond will be travelling to Boston in order to complete the exchange.  Transaction II will take place in downtown Boston's Rose Kennedy Greenway on September 22 & 23, featuring performances by the artists from Bbeyond and by Mobius artists. 






5. EVENT: REVOLVE Performance Art Days

Date: May 17–19, 2018; City: Örbyhus & Uppsala, Sweden; Source: Gustaf Broms


REVOLVE Performance Art Days

May 17–19, 2018


Welcome to the third edition of Revolve Performance Art Days in Uppsala. 

Focusing on the present moment the festival presents contemporary performance art by internationally acclaimed artists active in the intersection of visual and performing arts. Revolve moves between different locations, from the countryside to the city: the orangery, the art museum, the park, the street, the concert house, the bus and the theatre stage. The different spaces become active elements of the art event and the meeting between the artist and the audience. Revolve aims at bringing together a richness of expressions and artistic strategies allowing them to enhance, affect and collide with one another – an intense festival, rotating and revolving around art as event, experience and gathering.



Jade Blackstock [UK]

Gustaf Broms [SE]

Samira Elagoz [FI/EG]

Paula Fitzsimons [IR]

Rosie Gibbens [UK]

Sonia Hedstrand [SE]

Maria w Horn [SE]

Katarzyna Kozyra [PL]

Matt Mahony- Page [UK]

Honorata Martin [PL]

Hollie Miller [UK]

Stina Nyberg [SE]

Franciszek Orłowski [PL]

Bob Ostertag & Fred Frith [US]

Leon Platt [UK], Nigel Rolfe [IR]

Sandra Stanionyte [LT]


Performance Pathways, Royal College of Art [UK]


Curators Tove Salmgren & Kajsa Wadhia, Köttinspektionen Dans, Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson i samarbete med Patric Kiraly och Eva Björkman, Uppsala konstmuseum, Esbjörn Mårtensson, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Gustaf Broms i samarbete med Royal College of Art, London.







6. EVENT: PAErsche presents En Route performance walk

Date: May 19, 2018; City: Cologne, Germany; Source: asabank


The Action Lab PAErsche invite you to the yearly walking project in the city of Cologne.


We will present 4 action points in the so called “En Route” performance walk. At these points we will show diverse solo- and collaboration works. At the endpoint of this walk project (endpoint is the Ebertplatz), PAErsche will present an Open Source groupwork with culinary finale.


Starting point:

Date: May 19, 2018

Time: 03:00 pm

Location: Aachener Weiher

Infos and contact during the walk: 017642996400


Anna Wacker
Béatrice Didier
Boris Nieslony
Carola Willbrand
Christiane Obermayr
Constantin Leonhard
Evamaria Schaller
Frank Homeyer
Irmgard Himstedt
Karin Meiner
Mark Met
Negar Foroughanfar
Roberta de Lacerda Medina
Rolf Hinterecker
Rolf Schulz


Concept and organisation: Evamaria Schaller
Organisation: Roberta de Lacerda Medina

Gefördert / supported by: Kulturamt Köln, Rhein-Energie Stiftung Kultur


B A S I C - Info

1. the blog: http://thelyingonthefloorabandonedtolie.blogspot.co.at/

2. www.paersche.org / PAErsche facebook

3. www.unfertigeangebote.org




7. WORKSHOP: The Autoworkshop Collective in Toronto

Date: May 23–26, 2018; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: The Autoworkshop Collective


May 23–26, 2018

Location: TBA

Contact: autoworkshop.project@gmail.com


The Autoworkshop Collective is pleased to invite Toronto communities to join them in an open session platform that will take place from May 23 to 26, 2018. This initiative is part of The Autoworkshop Project on the Road, a self-manage month-long exploration of vacant lots (terrains vagues) across Canada and U.S. We are eight women artists coming from the realm of visual and performance art. The project will travel to Sudbury, Toronto and Detroit to engage with each specific community before coming back to Montreal where the project started. The workshops will unravel for a week in every city, in a chosen terrain vague, inviting the community to engage in discussions and performative experimentations.


We are now reaching out to citizens, artists and non-artists, members of Toronto communities - coming from various disciplines and different experiences – to join us in our exploration of a vacant lot. The space will be chosen for its singular history and location. We are offering a series of activities based on skills sharing and knowledge exchange.


Activities schedule


Wednesday, May 23

5 – 7pm

Discussion about the terrain vague and changes in the city, followed by a walk around the lot. The Auto-workshop Collective will present the project in relationship to their experience of a particular vacant lot in Montreal, the history of its transformations and the activities that we held in the space for the last two years. In order to familiarize to Toronto’s city context, we would like to hear your stories of the city's transformations. We would also like to discuss the participants’ relationship with vacant lots and what they mean in the city landscape. A collective walk will be organized, enabling a particular attention to our surroundings, and how its elements negotiate the space. 


Thursday, May 24

10am – 5pm 

All-day performance auto-workshop. This workshop invites artists and non-artists, members of the Toronto community - coming from various disciplines and different experiences - to learn or deepen artistic expression through performance art in the public space. The participants will propose strategies for developing a sense of place in the vacant lot, in relationship to the context and the group. The Auto-workshops collective will provide strategies to introduce the participants to performative improvisation and the exploration of the collective as a place of trust. The objectives of this workshop is to experiment short and improvised performances – with found objects, in solo, duet or group exercises. Participants will work on performances that express their relationship to the urban landscape.


Friday, May 25

7pm – 9pm

Public presentations held by all-week participants. Participants from all activities are invited to present their work, related to their experience of an auto-workshop. The presentation can take the form of a reading, a speech or a performance. 


Saturday, May 26


Parents and kids auto-workshop. We invite families (parents and kids from 8 to 12 years old) to participate in an outdoor artistic activity that focuses on the body as means to invent new ways of navigating the space. All the performance exercises will be inspired by the way kids play. 


**All the activities are FREE and children-friendly. We can only accommodate a maximum of 12 participants per activity. The location of the workshops will be announced on May 22nd to the registered participants via email.**


For any further questions or for registration, please contact us at: autoworkshop.project@gmail.com


We can't wait to meet you!

The Auto-workshops Collective




8. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Vol. 24, No. 2: ‘On Mountains’ (March '19)

Deadline date: May 29, 2018; City: the world; Source: Performance Research


Performance Research

Vol. 24, No. 2: ‘On Mountains' (March 2019) 

Issue Editors: Jonathan Pitches and David Shearing

Proposal deadline: 29 May 2018 


Mountains are places of ‘great cultural importance’ (Price 2015: 10). While they may appear to be impervious to human agency and intervention—you can’t move mountains after all—they are, in fact, constantly being shaped by human hands, sometimes benignly and sometimes with permanent malignance. Culture and the production of cultural objects play an integral part in this process, comprising an extraordinarily varied gallery of what may be termed Mountain Arts.


The richness of mountain film, literature and creative writing is celebrated each year across the networks of mountain festivals (within the UK and internationally) and is contested in hugely popular awards ceremonies such as the Boardman Tasker. Fine Art dedicated to mountains has a very long history and its more recent extension into Environmental or Land Art in the last forty years has enjoyed similar growth. Photography competitions promoted by the many popular and specialist hiking and climbing magazines bring the amateur photographer into the realm of mountain artistry, joining ever-more ambitious photo-shoots staged in mountains by professionals. The inspiration that mountains provide for artists of these media is as unmistakable as the mark they make in the landscape. But what does contemporary performance add to this landscape? What does it uniquely offer? What may it contribute in the future?


This Issue of PR aims to draw together a diverse range of thinkers and writers to debate and trouble the boundaries of mountain culture and expression. We invite mountaineers, rock climbers, mountain guides, walking artists, performers, festival organizers, performance makers, scenographers, performer trainers, historians and cultural theorists to propose articles, artist pages, creative pieces with associated multi-media, interviews and new writing. We want to assess the place of performance within mountain culture and to consider how mountain culture in all its diversity helps performance studies and practice rethink itself.


Areas of potential interest and intersections with performance may include, but are not restricted to:

–Mountain Imaginings and Memory

–Mountain Training

–Mountain Scenography

–Mountain Archives

–Mountain Making

–Mountain Histories

–Mountain Architectures

–Mountain Topographies and Geographies

–Mountain Time and Ritual

–Mountain Identity, Race and Gender

–Mountain Bodies and Movement

–Mountain Industries

–Mountain Translations

–Mountain Exposure

–Mountain Mobilities

–Mountain Dramaturgies

–Mountain Futures



Price, Martin F. (2015) Mountains: A very short introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press.



Proposals: 29 May 2018 

First drafts: September 2018

Final drafts: November 2018

Publication: April 2019


All proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to the PR office:



Issue-related enquiries should be directed to the issue editors:

Jonathan Pitches: J.Pitches@leeds.ac.uk

David Shearing: D.Shearing@leeds.ac.uk


General Guidelines for Submissions: 

–Before submitting a proposal, we encourage you to visit our website and familiarize yourself with the journal.

–Proposals will be accepted by email (Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF)). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side.

–Please include your surname in the file name of the document you send.

–Please include the issue title and issue number in the subject line of your email.

–Submission of images and other visual material is welcome provided that all attachments do not exceed 5 MB, and there is a maximum of five images.

–Submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

–If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to submit an article in first draft by the deadline indicated above. On the final acceptance of a completed article you will be asked to sign an author agreement in order for your work to be published in Performance Research.







Established in 1993, FADO Performance Art Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run centre based in Toronto, Canada. FADO provides a stage and on-going forum in support of the research and development of contemporary performance art practices in Canada and internationally. As a year-round presentation platform, FADO exists nomadically, working with partner organizations and presenters, and utilizing venues and sites that are appropriate to individual projects. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and perspectives. FADO is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.


Artistic & Administrative Director: Shannon Cochrane

Board of Directors: Cara Spooner, Francesco Gagliardi, Jenn Snider, Cathy Gordon, Clayton Lee, Julian Higuerey Nunez, Susan Wolf.



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