FADO E-LIST (April 2017)



Date: April 1–2, 2017; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: RIPA

2. EVENT: Bbeyond / Being in Public / Symposium 2017
Date: April 3–8, 2017; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond
3. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival
Date: April 5–9, 2017City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: //BUZZCUT//

4. EVENT: Flowchart

Date: April 6, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Dancemakers

5. SYMPOSIUM: PostMarginal: Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice

Date: April 9–11, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Sue Balint

6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Crapshoot at Theatre Passe Muraille

Deadline date: April 10, 2017; City: Toronto; Source: Brian Postalian

7. EVENT: Performing Santa Caterina

Date: April 13, 2017; City: Foligno, Italy; Source: Myriam Laplante

Deadline date: April 14, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: CIRCA

9. OPEN CALL: Performance Art Oslo (PAO)

Deadline date: April 23, 2017; City: Oslo, Norway; Source: PAO


Deadline date: April 24, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Maya Wilson-Sanchez

11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Lilith Performance Studio / Major Visual Art Performances
Deadline date: May 1, 2017; City: Malmö, Sweden; Source: Lilith Performance Studio

12. EVENT: Giftshop by Anna Berndtson

Date: March 24–May 12, 2017: City: Wuppertal, Germany; Source: Anna Berndtson

13. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: PAS–Performance Art Studies #54

Date: May 6–14, 2017; City: Łódź, Poland; Source: PAS

14. CALL FOR PAPERS: Performance Research 'On Writing & Performance'
Deadline date: May 8, 2017; City: the world; Source: Performance Research

15. EVENT: Intra-Action

Date: May 24, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Maya Wilson-Sanchez

16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Frank Homeyer and Boris Nieslony

Deadline date: May 15, 2017; City: Burgbrohl, Germany; Source: Boris Nieslony

17. OPEN CALL: Cultures of Silence: Invisible Violence

Deadline: June 30, 2017: City: the world; Source: Ignacio Pérez Pérez





Date: April 1–2, 2017; City: Montreal, Canada; Source: RIPA


The Rencontre Interuniversitaire de performance actuelle (RIPA) invites you to celebrate its sixth edition with a night of performance art. The evening will bring together the work of emerging artists from different academic and professional backgrounds as well as the work of this year's edition's ambassador, k.g. Guttman. 


The performances, either in short or long-term, will take place simultaneously in three separate rooms, thereby inviting the public to move around throughout the evening. This layout will contribute to create a contamination of the performances between them and to break the effect of succession in order to multiply the possibilities.


April 1, 2017

Performance Evening

Eastern Bloc, co-producer

7240 Clark Street, Montréal

7PM, doors at 6:30PM

10PM - midnight and more FESTIVITIES! With DJ TIGNASSE


April 2, 2017

Round Table

EV Building, 3.760, Concordia University, 1515 Sainte-Catherine Street W.

2PM to 5PM – Free entry








2. EVENT: Bbeyond / Being in Public / Symposium 2017

Date: April 3–8, 2017; City: Belfast, N.Ireland; Source: Bbeyond


Bbeyond in conjunction with Ulster University present:


Being in Public
Encounters | Outer Place / Inner Space
Symposium 2017


April 3–8, 2017
Ulster University Belfast
Girdwood Community Hug


Kim Gurney
Marilyn Arsem
Ali Al Fatlawi
Wathiq Al Ameri
Chumpon Apisuk
John G. Boehme
Guy Sioui Durand
Karin Meiner
Artur Tajber
Sandra Johnston
Adrian Hall
Fausto Gracia
Peter Baren
Marita Bullmann
Cecilia Stelini
Pavana Reid
James Hennessey
Belfast Interface Project
Household Belfast


April 3–8: Marilyn Arsem | Workshop | Studio 11
April 3–8: Ali Al Fatlawi / Wathiq Al Ameri | Workshop | Pollen Studios
April 5: Kim Gurney–Keynote | Launch | Panel Discussions | Ulster University Belfast | 18h
April 6–7: Symposium–Open Space Technology | Girdwood Community Hub | 10 – 16.30 h
April 8: Performances in Public Space | Belfast | 12 noon


For more info: www.bbeyond.live




3. EVENT: //BUZZCUT// Festival

Date: April 5–9, 2017; City: Glasgow, Scotland; Source: Buzzcut


//BUZZCUT// Festival returns to Govan, Glasgow for its 6th five-day community focused festival of live art and experimental performance. Over five days //BUZZCUT// will base itself in the Pearce Institute, a 100 year old community centre in the centre of Govan transforming it into the heart of the festival, with delicious food by local superstars Cafe 13, our own BUZZCUT Bar and a wild, friendly vibing environment where all are welcome. The festival is pay-what-you-can to attend and centred around interrogating the accessibility of Live Art and experimental performance. This year we are spreading to more spaces than ever around Govan including the Govan Old Parish Church, The Fairfield Working Men’s Club, Elderpark Library, Cafe 13 and a local scrapyard to present a full-to-the-brim programme of 50 radical performance works from across Scotland, the UK and the world.


Beginning as a collaboration between Glasgow-based performance makers Nick Anderson and Rosana Cade in 2012, //BUZZCUT//’s central enquiry remains, “How can an event strengthen a community?” and we inscribe this into everything we do. For the past five years we have strengthened the Glasgow performance community through bringing hundreds of artists to this city, celebrating risk, experimentation, friendliness and community solidarity. //BUZZCUT// is now an artist-centric community focused effort and a year-round organization with an office in the Pearce Institute.


This year, in a new partnership with The Goethe Institut, //BUZZCUT// will be hosting Side Burns, running on Wednesday 5th April for three hours and then informally across the whole festival. Led by academics Phoebe Patey-Ferguson and Simon James Holton, Side Burns will provide a free, open, supportive space for discussion, debate and critical action where we can figure out how we’re going to carry on together in the political hell hole we find ourselves in, and what role community and performance might have in that. Imaginate and //BUZZCUT// are clubbing together again to deliver Close Shave Live Art For Young People, with a chocka full programme, designed and hosted by a group of young people from across Glasgow. In a development of last year’s version, this mini-event on Thursday 6th April will be //BUZZCUT//’s well known performance restaurant format called ‘A La Buzzcarte’. Through an open call artists will apply to create a three-course performance ‘dinner’ for all to enjoy.


As always, half of the programme is from some shining lights of Scotland and includes but is not limited to: Mamoru Iriguchi, who will be presenting ‘The Journey between a man and a woman’, a performance where he attempts to explain queer identity to young people and adults alike, and Nic Green will present an especially made version of Cock and Bull. This will last 7hrs and 41mins, the average length of a House of Commons session and is performed alongside Simone Kenyon and Rosana Cade. Blake Venus comes from Dundee and will perform a work relating to the spiritual interpretation of alchemy. Rosanna Irvine creates an outdoor large-scale kissing spectacle, and also FK Alexander will perform a //BUZZCUT//-specific site-responsive outdoor work.


The other half of the programme is made up of a range of exciting UK artists who have never shown work in //BUZZCUT// before such as: Natalie Ramus with a 9-hour action based exploration into the maternal female using masses of ‘Mothers Pride’ bread and milk; Angus Maclean Balbernie and Stuart Jackson will perform as 343 MØS¨, with their first and probably last duet together; a one-off Demi Nandhra performance, ‘The Sadness Got Too Much’ - a vivid autobiographical work looking at historical traumas in the everyday felt sensations of our lives.


We’re chuffed to high-hell to have a wee selection of glorious, rad artists coming from international realms. They’re all excellent and we can’t wait to open our festival up to these very welcome cultural beacons, Shannon Cochrane and Amanda Coogan (Canada/Northern Ireland), Steinunn Ketilsdóttir (Iceland), Anthony Hüseyin Pharaoh (Turkey), Erika Bulle (Mexico), Mairead Delaney (USA)  and Ernestyna Orlowska (Switzerland). As always there is a huge range of studio shows, durational actions, one-on-one experiences and outdoor interventions.


//BUZZCUT// is primarily focused on making the festival as accessible as possible to all and so we are continuing to develop our resource for disabled audience members at the festival spaces are wheelchair accessible on level access or via stairclimber, there is a roving team of BSL interpreters in the social spaces and several shows are BSL interpreted, there is a silent rest area available and we are developing our resource for visually impaired audiences with audio described works and Touch Tours available.



Erika Bulle
Mairead Delaney
Ian Nulty and Adam Young
Odd Comic
Angus McLean Balbernie and Stuart Jackson
Local Foreigner
Blake Venus
Anthony Hüseyin Pharaoh
Rebecca Davies and Betty Ross
Nic Green with Rosana Cade
Peter Lannon and Ellie Dubois
Catherine Hoffmann
Ben Mills
Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Daniel Oliver
Laurie Brown
Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees
Demi Nandhra
Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir
Jack Stancliffe
Edythe Woolley
Kylie Minoise
Fallope and The Tubes and The Veg Queens
// Side Burns Symposium //
Rosanna Irvine
Ernestyna Orlowska
Katherine Araniello
Mamoru Iriguchi
// Close Shave – Live Art For Young People //
Robert Softley Gale
Kitty Fedorec
Craig Manson
Natalie Ramus
Pauline Mayers
Rhiannon Armstrong
Shannon Cochrane and Amanda Coogan
Amy Rosa
Bridie Gane
Louisa Robbin
Deb Jones
Emily Walsh
Rachel Mars
FK Alexander
Jak Soroka
Femme Feral
Hannah Sullivan




E-mail: glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com
Twitter: @glasgowbuzzcut
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glasgowbuzzcut




4. EVENT: Flowchart

Date: April 6, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Dancemakers



April 6, 2017

PWYC, tickets at the door only

Dancemakers, Main Stage 313 (3rd floor), 9 Trinity Street, Toronto


Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1942402939321796/


Flowchart is a series of short multidisciplinary performance works. It shows work by artists engaging with the choreographic from the perspective of multiple fields; work which pays attention to organizing movement in space + having it be affected by/also itself affect time. By contextualizing non-dance works within the choreographic, an engagement with these ideas becomes newly visible. Can we understand text as dance through the spatialization of sound, or fight to claim all bodies in movement as choreography? Flowchart is interested in works that centralize the body and offers a curiosity about what happens to non-dance works when they are presented in the scope of a field that inevitably does so.


Showing work on April 6th are Fan Wu/Thom Gill, Robert Kingsbury, and Lo Bil:


Fan Wu and Thom Gill will be making a new work together titled "Lock up Your Sons". Initially I invited Fan, an artist who works in poetry and literature as much as he strikes me as working in presence and social interaction, to bring his practice to the context of a stage. He approached me about working with local musician (and once Dancemakers Collaborator) Thom Gill and I was thrilled at the proposal. I can assume whatever hybridization of music, words, state, and queeriosity that emerges on April 6th will have the gentle hum that each of these individuals fill a room with.


Lo Bil is an artist who I have been in studios with since the beginning of my career. She is steadfast and fearless, working at her practice with a quiet diligence that has always inspired me. Her work to me sits on a border between "performance art" and "dance", somewhere in the places where those quotation marks cease to make any sense. In a previous edition of Flowchart I saw her play a face in a hole in a wall in an ambitious work by Randy Gagne and I have since never shaken the image of her ghost-white face peeking out through a rotating wall. She's been prolific of late and it feels timely to welcome her conscientious practice to Dancemakers.


Finally we will welcome Robert Kingsbury to the space to present a new work "CONVERSATION CONVERSATION". Robert makes dance, writes music, practices biodynamic craniosacral therapy, is a writer in our Dance Writers in Residence Program, and generally seems to approach new practices every few years. I'm happy he consistently works under the umbrella term of contemporary dance and find his multifaceted practice to be fitting to the invitation of Flowchart.




5. SYMPOSIUM: PostMarginal: Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice

Date: April 9–11, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Sue Balint


Modern Times Stage Company presents

PostMarginal: Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice


April 9–11, 2017

Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas Street West, Toronto



Natalie Alvarez, Associate Professor Brock University

Ric Knowles, Professor Emeritus University of Guelph


Keynote Speaker:

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

emcee, playwright, administrator, agitator


Beyond Representation: Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice is a three-day symposium that moves the conversation about cultural diversity in the theatre beyond issues of representation, identity politics, and “tolerance” to examine how diverse cultures can actively, productively, and creatively come together in theatrical practices that issue in exciting and challenging new theatrical forms. ASL Interpretation will be provided throughout. Seating is limited, so advance registration is strongly encouraged.


Visit www.postmarginal.ca for details.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1869428333318189/




6. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Crapshoot at Theatre Passe Muraille

Deadline date: April 10, 2017; City: Toronto; Source: Brian Postalian


Apply to Theatre Passe Muraille’s May 19th Crapshoot!


Crapshoot is an opportunity for emerging artists in the early stages of their careers to develop and showcase new work. Selected artists are given ten minutes to perform on TPM’s Cabaret Stage for an audience. At the end of each night an invited artistic panel will vote for their favoured performance and that artist/collective is granted 8 hours of time in TPM’s rehearsal hall and is invited to perform in a featured slot for up to twenty minutes at the following Crapshoot.




To Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e 1FAIpQLSfJWyQL_W_lV3cg5hJrzLoWOhWbNbBTyMt57t9xFDIuFSdMpA/viewform?c=0&w=1




7. EVENT: Performing Santa Caterina

Date: April 13, 2017; City: Foligno, Italy; Source: Myriam Laplante


performing arts in the ex church of Santa Caterina in Foligno

curated by La società dello spettacolo and Viandustriae


Gwendoline Robin

performance and videos


Cratère n°6899.

Performance by Gwendoline Robin

A comet fell onto the earth. A crater was formed: different transformations occur. The landscape evolves with the flow of actions.


Visual artist and performer Gwendoline Robin lives and works in Brussels. Since 1997 she has been producing installations and performances, has been carving out an oeuvre situated between sculpture and performance. With the elements of fire, dynamite, glass, and earth, she develops unconstrained, volatile actions that play with fragility and danger. presenting her work at international dance and performance festivals in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia since 2005. For a number of years, Gwendoline Robin has taught at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Tournai, at ARTS2 in Mons and at La Cambre in Brussels.


Date: April 13, 2017 @ 9PM


Auditorium Santa Caterina, 

Via Santa Caternia, 34, 06034 Foligno (Italy)





Deadline date: April 14, 2017; City: Montréal, Canada; Source: CIRCA


As part of the regular programming, artist-run centre CIRCA art actuel is now accepting project proposals from emerging and established artists whose art practice is concerned with performance. The gallery is housed in the historical Belgo Building in downtown Montreal, where several other galleries are located. We schedule our performances on Saturday afternoons when there are many visitors. The performance dates are the following: January 13, March 17, May 5, October 20 and December 15.


CIRCA art actuel is an artist-run centre in which the mandate is to present projects that investigate spatial concerns in the visual arts. The theme of space can be approached from a social, personal, geographic, cultural, political or environmental perspective and be concerned with notions of the real, fictional or virtual. In performance practices, these may be expressed in various ways, for example, through manoeuvres, tableau vivant, body art and relational art.

Individual or a collective of performance artists will have galleries I and II at their disposal and these spaces will be empty. The proposed performance should be a new work and must not have been shown within the greater Montréal region. A text presenting the artist’s performance will be printed in the form of a brochure.


The Performance Committee will select the successful applicants. As an artist-run centre, our Performance Committee is composed of active gallery members, administrative members, the director and an invited external member. CIRCA’s mandate is to ensure diversity in its programming. The proposed project’s originality and its pertinence and critical approach to the thematic of space are our main criteria.


–The artist will be paid a $600 honorarium.
–The artist will have access to the two empty galleries two days, Thursday and Friday, prior to the performance. The performance will take place on Saturday and on Sunday at the latest, the galleries must be empty and clean.
–Members or gallery personnel can offer basic technical support.
–The performance dates are the following: January 13, 2018, March 17, 2018, May 5, 2018, October 20, 2018, December 15, 2018



The submission must be in one single PDF file and include the following:
–An up-to-date CV.
–An artist statement, 300 words maximum.
–A project description, 300 words maximum, with duration of the performance.
–15 images of recent work with a short description of the projects.
–Hyperlinks to videos of your performances on Vimeo or YouTube.
–Technical requirements, if needed.


The maximum size for all files is 10Mb. The deadline is April 14, 2017. We will send an email confirming the reception of your project two weeks after the deadline. Please note that POPOP Gallery is excluded from this call.


More information: https://circa-art.com/en/home/


CIRCA art actuel
444-372, Ste-Catherine O., Montréal, Canada




9. OPEN CALL: Performance Art Oslo (PAO)

Deadline date: April 23, 2017; City: Oslo, Norway; Source: PAO


OPEN CALL: PAO Festival 2017

Festival date: 17–19 November 2017


We are happy to announce an international open call for the 5th PAO Festival 2017! We invite professional artists working within the field of performance art to apply. There is no theme, however from the performances we select, we hope to find a common thread which will link the works together. 


Place: Gallery ROM (ROM for kunst og arkitektur) Oslo, Norway

Images: www.dropbox.com/s/sui2wee2r4b91m2/ROM-images%20venue.pdf?dl=0



1 PDF max. 6MB should be in English or Norwegian and contain:

–Photos: max. 4

–CV: max 2 pages including contact info, current address, website and email.

–A bio/artist statement: max. 1/2 page.

–Project: Tell us about your current work and projects, your approach to performance, and what you would like to present at PAO Festival. max. 1/2 page.

–Mark the PDF with “your name PAO Festival 2017”.


SEND TO: pao.opencall@gmail.com


DEADLINE: Sunday, April 23, 2017 (midnight UTC+1)


We provide:

–Max. 2500 NOK in travel costs & 4 nights accommodation in Oslo for non local artists.

–5000 NOK as an artist fee.

–Materials budget (amount depending on further funding).

–Complete festival promotion in press and social media, including small festival brochure.

–Lunch (basic) and dinners will be provided in the evening of each festival day (3).

–Limited tech equipment and assistance.


Important info:

–12 performances will be selected one of them a duo performance.

–We do not accept applications from big productions or groups (more than 2 artists).

–We are looking for visual art performances which will be shown in a running order. Performances should therefore be easy to set up and take down (max 10 min before and after). Long durational pieces may be considered, however most will have a running time of ca 30 min each.


Please note:

–We want to broaden our view, and give opportunity to many artists. If you have been invited to participate at PAO Festival before, or we are in contact with you for a future festival, you will not be considered in this open call.

–We will contact successful applicants by the end of May. Due to practical reasons, we are unable to contact applicants who have not been chosen to take part in the festival.


We are looking forward to receiving your application!!

Learn more about PAO and the festival here: www.performanceartoslo.no





Deadline date: April 24, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Maya Wilson-Sanchez


Xpace Cultural Centre and curator Maya Wilson-Sanchez are currently seeking submissions for Intra-Action, our second evening of live performance for emerging artists to showcase new, old or in progress performance or performative art pieces on Wednesday, May 24th from 6-8pm. This performance event welcomes the public to come together to form a critical and inclusive space for the development and demonstration of performance art.


Submitters are asked to provide:

–Contact information including name, phone number and email.

–A short artist statement (150 words max.) describing your practice/background.

–A short description of your performance including length (works must be 10 minutes or less).

–A list of your technical and/or material specifications outlining what you can provide, and if you need help sourcing some materials. (If you are not able to access the technology or materials you need for your performance, Xpace and/or the event curator might be able to assist. See below for more information).

–If you have previously performed the work, include documentation as images or as a link to video documentation.

–If you have not previously performed the work, include documentation of past performance works/art works.


*There is some material and financial assistance available if artists need help covering production and transportation costs. Please outline in your application if this is needed and specify what kinds of materials or funds you will need.

**All participating artists will be paid an artist fee.


DEADLINE: APRIL 24, 2017, 11:59PM


Apply online: https://xpace.submittable.com/submit/80733/call-for-submissions-intra-action-live-performance-art-evening


If you have any questions, please contact event curator Maya Wilson Sanchez: intraactionperformance@gmail.com




11. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Lilith Performance Studio / Major Visual Art Performances

Deadline date: May 1, 2017; City: Malmö, Sweden; Souce: Lilith Performance Studio


Lilith Performance Studio is now welcoming visual artists to apply to Lilith Commissions with a proposal of a new major performance work, which will be realized in Malmö, Sweden, during 2018-2020. Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit arts organization and an independent arena for visual art performance. The Studio initiates new exceptional visual art performances by inviting visual artists from around the world, some of whom have never worked live before. Each year, selected artists are given the unique opportunity to realize and present a new large-scale performance on site in the studio in Malmö or elsewhere in the city, in close collaboration with the studio. The invited artists get a great chance to explore their own artistic expression and to work in a larger scale including all aspects in creating a new art work. Lilith selects artists with a distinctively individual artistic mode of expression and integrity when it comes to idea as well as method, artists that also share an interest in exploring their own work in relation to the studio as an experimental site. The artists are encouraged to expand their artistic vision through the use of live performance, resulting in unique productions.


During a 4-8 weeks long production period in Malmo the artists are given the opportunity to focus on all the parts of a live piece: site, time, staging, participants and audience. The selected artists to Lilith’s Commission program will receive significant financial and production support to experiment and realize innovative new works, in close collaboration with the studio from conceptualization to presentation. Lilith Commission will include a budget for production, research and development, artist fee, accommodation and travel expenses. Proposals should be new, innovative large-scale works, which respond to the idea of the studio as an experimental site, and the wish to expand the artistic vision. Applicants will be judged on the groundbreaking nature of their idea and its potential for realization.


Who can apply? Artist from all over the world who already use live elements in their work and those who are experimenting with performance for the first time are welcome to apply. We accept applications from emerging, mid-career and established artists working in the visual art field.


Applications deadline: 1st of May 2017. Application must include:
–1-2 proposals of new large-scale performance works;
–Artist’s CV, biography and portfolio of their latest works;
–Artist’s statement.


No application form is needed just send in all material through e-mail. Please no phone calls, only e-mails. ALL submissions must be sent to: info@lilithperformancestudio.com


NOTE: Lilith Performance Studio will contact the artist if the project is accepted for the next step in the application. If the artist does not get a reply in the end of August, the artist is not accepted to the next step.


Lilith Performance Studio opened in 2007 in Malmö, Sweden and has since the inception created 45 commissions, several curatorial collaborations, guest appearances and festivals. As a production space and an arena for visual art performance, the studio is the first of its kind in the world.


View all performance works on Lilith’s website: http://lilithperformancestudio.com




12. EVENT: Giftshop by Anna Berndtson

Date: March 24–May 12, 2017: City: Wuppertal, Germany; Source: Anna Berndtson


Exhibition: March 24–May 12, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday March, 14 @ 7pm

Live Performance: Friday May 5



Hofaue 54, Wesendonkstr. 12, D-42103 Wuppertal


Excessive merchandising replaces the presence of art and the artist. 

GIFTSHOP is an exhibition reflecting our limitless consumer society, through 

the performative extension of every day product usage. In the exhibition you 

will find everything to make you happier in your everyday life: doormats, 

porcelaine plates, champagne glasses, napkins, sleep masks, snow globes, 

blankets,  pillows,  shower curtains, mirrors, towels, ashtrays, toys for 

children and adults, posters, a plushie and of course bags and clothes.


ANNA BERNDTSON born 1972 in Malmö/Sweden. Graduated from HBK Braunschweig  (student of Prof Marina Abramovic), as well as from the City of Bath College and Dartington College of Arts, UK. Exhibitions and Performances at Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, Fondation Beyeler, Kunst-Werke Berlin, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and P.S.1 MoMA New York. She lives and works in Malmö and Berlin.


The online giftshop opens on Saturday, March 25 and will be open 24/7.


Please contact us via email for international shipping!!


Please find more information on www.kunstkomplex.net




13. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: PAS–Performance Art Studies #54

Date: May 6–14, 2017; City: Łódź, Poland; Source: PAS


PAS–Performance Art Studies #54

on the border of perception grow amazing flowers



6–14, May 2017: PAS studies

12–31 May 2017: Exhibition

20 May 2017: Performance Art Event


About the project

‘Na granicy percepcji rosną wspaniałe kwiaty’ (‘on the border of perception grow amazing flowers’) is the title and research topic for the #54 edition of PAS | Performance Art Studies in Łódź, Poland. The project is part of the ‘Rok Awangardy’ (year of avant-garde) at the art academy in Łódź and consists of three parts: a PAS studies, an exhibition, and a performance art event. To perceive is an action, something that we actively do, but not always consciously. Perception is following a chain of activities which are bound together: Action - Attraction - Processing - Perception - Recognition - Action and so on. This chain is essential for the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information and is needed to understand our environment, society, and personality.


Within the arts, perception is a tool used to confuse, deconstruct or disturb, in order, to relate differently to ourselves, the society, and the environment. Artists of all genres are interested in toying around with the chain of perception. Op-Art, Surrealism, Dadaism, and of course, Performance Art are some examples, of how aesthetic or visual perception offers a diverse view on the world, which offers an opportunity to question how we perceive, since the perception-chain is individual and does not have a collective function. This fact becomes potentially interesting when two (or more) perceptions meet. The exchange of experience creates a dialogue and intersection, which acts as the base for our daily communication. Sharing these experiences offers us the possibility to rethink paradigms, question single viewpoints, and better understand the need for change. The deeper we inquire within the field of perception we holistically find ourselves straddling the borders of logic, sense, and understanding. In these perhaps, uncanny areas, one could potentially become capable of locating and acknowledging these blossoming flowers of art.


The aim, of PAS #54 focuses on the concept of perception as a prompt and/or launching point for better understanding the body, space, time, material, and action as active tools of Performance Art. Researchers will engage with other art forms, such as poetry, sculpture, drawing, painting, video, architecture, with the intent of demonstrating context in relation to time relevant issues. Results and findings will take form and shall be presented upon completing theoretical analysis. As part of the studies, we will create an excursion for the INTERAKCJE performance festival in Piotryków Trybunalski and participate in this year’s exhibition as a group performance.


Exhibition (12. – 31. May 2017)

Extending the research topic of PAS #54, we will present an exhibition at Galeria Kobro in Łódź with photographs, process documentation, video performance, and video documentations of previous PAS projects. This opportunity to present on a large scale, debuts PAS, alongside the photographic documentation of PAS photographers, Matthias Pick and Monika Sobczak. Performance work of numerous young international artists will display a ‘new generation’ of performance artists, who are entering and reinterpreting the vast field of Performance Art. The exhibition will also include THE WALL, which consists of process documentation from several past studies, which entices the audience to dive deep into making and thinking of performance practice and theory. Drawings, notes, citations, thoughts, texts will be included and presented on hundreds of sheets, making up a wall of thoughts. Finally, the exhibition will include video documentation, as well as a documentary film ‘Sharpen One’s View’, by Matthias Pick.

At the opening of the exhibition on Friday 12th May 2017 BBB Johannes Deimling will present a new work of his performance cycle ‘It, won’t always grow back’.


Performance Art evening (20. May 2017)

As part of the national ‘museum’s night’, in Poland, we will present an evening of performance art with four polish artists: Weronika Lewandowska (Warsaw), Łukasz Trusewicz (Poznań), Vena Naskręcka (Częstochowa), Konrad Juściński (Poznań). The four performances will respond to the previously conducted research of the studies and exhibition, while simultaneously interpreting the topic of perception. Agnieszka Szabilkowska-Trusewicz (Galeria Raczej, Poznań) will give an introduction and guide through the evening.


Open call for participation and offer for PAS #54

–To develop a Performance Art piece with 8 days of technical, pedagogical and artistic guidance

–To investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments in various conditions both in and outdoors with a specific focus on: space, body, time, material, concentration. Work will be made in groups and individually.

–A final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration party

–Video and photo documentation of the final presentation completed by the PAS photographer

–Publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites

–Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in Łódź and Poland

–Being part of a group performance in connection with the INTERAKCJE festival in Piotryków Trybunalski

–Meeting and collaborating with other like-minded people from other countries

–Encounters, lectures and discussions with invited artists

–Context of the place, history and culture

–The studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art. The range of ages in the past was from 13 to 72 and the level of experience is not a criterion for you to participate in PAS studies. The group is usually composed of international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

–PAS studies takes place with at least 8 participants.



5. May 2017 arrival (without official meeting)

6. – 13. May 2017: practical studies and researches (each day start at 10:00)

11. May 2017: Group performance at the Interakcje festival in Piotryków Trybunalski

13. May 2016: final presentation

14. May 2016: reflection and possible departure day, if not attending the festival (departure at earliest at 4pm)


–Our program is never planned in advance with exact steps. We adjust it to the group dynamics, challenges of an individual, and needs that arise. Observing the process is the key to achieve a high quality of teaching, enriched by our experience and ever-expanding collection of tasks.

–Teaching language is English.



–Closing date for applications 30. April 2017

–Send your application (CV and work examples) to pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de

–Read here more about the application process



–New participants: € 220

–Former PAS participants: € 180

–accommodation: participants outside of Łódź, Poland might be hosted by participating students of Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź.

–Price does not include travel.

. . . be part of PAS and join the studies!


More information: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/PAS-Performance-Art-Studies/155916514449164




14. CALL FOR PAPERS: Performance Research 'On Writing & Performance'
Deadline date: May 8, 2017; City: the world; Source: Performance Research


Call for Papers: Volume 23, Number 2: ‘On Writing & Performance’ (March 2018)

Proposal deadline: 8 May 2017

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp and Julieanna Preston


This issue of Performance Research sets out to gather research and scholarly articles, artists’ pages and images and critical and creative work on contemporary writing and its performance, on performance and its writings, and on the various environments and contexts in which such work takes place. The issue imagines how a text can be conceptualized, written, presented and figured with equal or more contingency and responsiveness to temporal and corporeal happenings, and vice versa. ‘On Writing and Performance’ seeks to extend current and historical dialogues on the shifting relationship between textual and performance practices and asks:

–What creative, dialogic, autobiographical or alternative writing approaches may elicit a text that engages with the plurality of affects that an artwork produces?

–How may a creative work be informed, inspired, directed, scripted or critiqued with the same respect for liveness that unfolds spatially as it does textually?

–How may these parallel practices inhabit space symbiotically?

–How may a new culture of criticality develop in between acts of ‘performing through’?


The issue will consider its theme from the perspectives of live, sited, scored and voice work in the fields of performance and writing, where:

Live work highlights the primacy of practice and serves as an ongoing discussion around the translation or transference between performance works and textual works. Sited work questions the nature of the relationship between performance writing and place, traversing territories that may include site-specific works, works about place or narratives around journeys between places. Scored considers a shifting spectrum between the singularity of the script and the plurality of the score, challenging the relationship between the written, inscribed or etched, and the performed, live or imagined. Voice work prompts an exploration of aurality and oral traditions, including those emerging from indigenous peoples and those associated with storytelling, singing and public speaking.


Topics for proposal may include performing/writing in relation to:

–notational, page-based and installed forms of practice

–choreographic, embodied and improvisational forms and strategies

–sonic, aural and sound-based writings and performances

dramaturgical and theoretical approaches to translation and cross-disciplinary modes

–notions of insularity, ownership and stewardship, migrancy and transience, internment, bio-security and environmental heritage, belonging and outcast

–forms of performance space, for example, the limits of theatre space's interior contours, audience-performer relationships and the affective qualities of darkness

–distinctions between site-specific, site-situated and site-responsive modes in practices of performance and writing

–engagement with environmental, ecological and bio-political issues as context critical and embodied modes of writing and performing.



Proposals: May 8, 2017

First drafts: September 2017

Final drafts: November 2017

Publication date: March 2018


All proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent direct to the journal at: info@performance-research.org


General guidelines for submissions:

Before submitting a proposal, we encourage you to visit our website (www.performance-research.org) and familiarize yourself with the journal.

–Proposals will be accepted by e-mail (Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF)). Proposals should not exceed one A4 side.

–Please include your surname in the file name of the document that you send.

–If you intend to send images electronically, please contact the journal first to arrange prior agreement.

–Submission of a proposal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

–If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to submit an article in first draft by the deadline indicated above. On the final acceptance of a completed article you will be asked to sign an author agreement in order for your work to be published in Performance Research.




15. EVENT: Intra-Action

Date: May 24, 2017; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: Maya Wilson-Sanchez



May 24, 2017

6-8pm (There will be snacks and drinks!)


Xpace Cultural Centre

303 Lansdowne Avenue (Unit 2), Toronto


Xpace Cultural Centre will be hosting its second evening of live performance for emerging artists to showcase new, old or in progress performance or performative art pieces on Wednesday, May 24th from 6-8pm. This performance event welcomes the public to come together to form a critical and inclusive space for the development and demonstration of performance art.




About XPACE Cultural Centre

Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven artist-run centre supported by the OCAD Student Union and dedicated to providing emerging and student artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting. We program contemporary practices that respond to the interests and needs of our membership. As we program with shorter timelines this allows for us to respond to contemporary issues in theory and aesthetics, keeping an up to the minute response to what is going on directly in our community.


Intra-Action is supported by: Vibe Arts, Platform A, Toronto Arts Council and the OCAD Student Union.




16. WORKSHOP: Performance Art Workshop with Frank Homeyer and Boris Nieslony

Deadline date: May 15, 2017; City: Burgbrohl, Germany; Source: Boris Nieslony


Performance Art Workshop with Frank Homeyer and Boris Nieslony

June 3–7, 2017



9:00-12:30h: mornings are guided by Frank Homeyer

12:30h: Lunch/ Break

13:30-17:00h: afternoons are guided by Boris Nieslony


Wednesday June, 7th 14-17h: final presentation

Boris Nieslony / performance artist, theorist and teacher "Presence is the starting point as a laboratory of perception. The situation is practically developed in the now and presented as a possible form of performance. Talking-about unfolds reflections and approaches for a theoretical base."


Frank Homeyer / performance artist and pedagogue "Discovering topics around performance-art, evaluatig and reflecting the personal expression in practical exercises."


Workshop costs: 250€ / students 150€ (not included are costs of travel)


Host Karin Meiner offers with the KUNSTPAVILLON a special atmosphere in the area of "Voreifel" particulary beautifully situated. A wide view and bright rooms create optimal conditions for a concentrated work. There a simple sleeping places in the studio apartment and in the art pavilion (sleeping bags are welcome). Catering costs varies according to demand. Arrival is possible on Friday 2nd June.



Please send a registration with your name, address, phone, e-mail to info@hammes-meiner.de or by post: Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl, Hechenbergweg 6a, D- 56659 Burgbrohl after receipt of the registration, confirmation and invoice by e-mail. Workshop-costs-payment within 14 days upon receipt of the payment, confirmation of the participation by e-mail. Registration deadline is 15th May.






17. OPEN CALL: Cultures of Silence: Invisible Violence

Deadline: June 30, 2017: City: the world; Source: Ignacio Pérez Pérez


Cultures of Silence: Invisible Violence is a transatlantic call for video/performance works that happens in between Latin America and the Nordic and Baltic Countries*. The call looks for works that respond, discuss, resist and expand their visions towards the explicit representations of violence, promoted by massive media and building a violent aesthetics with stereotypical basis, polarizing the understanding in a binary system (good/bad, white/black, first world/third world…) invisibilizing the complexity of the subtle violence's and the relation between them.


By being directed at 2 continents, this open call seeks to compose a screening selection with different aesthetics, geography's, economies and political perspectives of violence; it is a subtle open call that asks about the origin of violence, its assimilation, dispersion and transmission.


The following questions can help as a guide:

How to reveal violence? How to react, how to make it visible without reproducing it? What are the possible actions to resist and reject violence? How can local performance practices be contextualized in global events when they refer to specific situations? What are the mechanisms in performance practice that can be developed beyond the art scene, affecting other audiences?


More information on how to apply:


Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/149620532226635/


*Some artists will be invited personally because of their trajectory and artistic proposal, nevertheless the character of this open call is inclusive


This project is generously supported by Kone Foundation.




Established in 1993, FADO Performance Art Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run centre based in Toronto, Canada. FADO provides a stage and on-going forum in support of the research and development of contemporary performance art practices in Canada and internationally. As a year-round presentation platform, FADO exists nomadically, working with partner organizations and presenters, and utilizing venues and sites that are appropriate to individual projects. FADO presents the work of local, national and international artists who have chosen performance art as a primary medium to create and communicate provocative new images and perspectives. FADO is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.


445-401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada M5V 3A8



FADO on Instagram: @fadoperformanceartcentre
FADO on Twitter: @FADOperformance
FADO on Facebook: FADO Performance Art Centre


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