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Artist Statement

Louise Liliefeldt — Egalitarian

(EGALITARIAN is the first performance in a larger cycle of works that Liliefeldt plans to produce under the the series title "DEADICATIONS: A Colleciton of Live Art Works".)

DEADICATIONS: A Collection Of Live Art Works

Profound influences of pop culture and personal memories are the two main themes driving this project. DEADICATIONS is not concerned with the fashion of any particular realm of popular culture so much as with a particular group of individuals who were instrumental in defining the essence of what popular culture was about at a particular time. DEADICATIONS takes its inspiration from a handful of individuals whose life on earth was spent dedicated to the same things I believe in. I was profoundly affected by the dedication of these selected individuals, expressed through their chosen lifestyles and the messages they communicated -- whether through the lyrics they professed, their various art forms, or the statements made through life altering actions. All were motivated, inspired by or had no choice but to act with all they had, which in some cases was their life. They were all passionately driven by issues related to the politics of race and class. They are artists, writers and musicians who have given me the inspiration and will necessary to become the individual I am today, and the individual I have always been, as I realize little has changed when reflecting on who and what I am as well as why I am. These individuals are physically dead, but the essence of everything they stood for continues.

The concept of this series has been in development for more than twenty years. The majority of the ideas and images that make up DEADICATIONS are based on processed memories, some of which are images from these memories that are unforgettable to me and others made up of the life work and beliefs of selected individuals that were of great inspiration to my personal beliefs and artist practices.

I describe the series as a whole as portraits shaped by ritualistic actions presented in locations chosen specifically for each work. In part my investigation is concerned with how or why particular environments (public or private) shape how we feel, both at the time and later.

The audience or participants are vital to the direction of each performance. I mean to create a shared experience and in turn a shared memory with all those present at each performance. My intention is to investigate the collage of moments as well as to investigate communication practices as a community and a society.

EGALITARIAN is the first performance art work in the DEADICATIONS series.

EGALITARIAN is…intimate, honest, awkward and thoughtful.

The use of popular music within the context of live performance art is new to me, but it feels vital that I use the music chosen for this work. I am interested in creating images that respond to the issues discussed in each song, images and ideas that represent what the song means and stands for to me personally as they have since I first discovered each piece. I am interested in creating actions that respond to the pace and overall mood of each song while also representing ideas that until now I seemed unable to communicate within my artistic or social practices. They have something to do with deep and very personal opinions and emotions that have long been suppressed. These pieces of music bring an aspect of me to life in a way others do not.

EGALITARIAN is a very personal work presented in the most personal of environments, my home. It is where I live: literally, metaphorically and psychologically. In the case of this work, the audience becomes a part of a selection of my most intimate acts. Welcome.



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