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October 8, 2005
midnight (doors open at 11:30 pm; no one will be admitted after midnight!)

331 Bartlett Ave., Studio #201 (north of Dupont, east of Dufferin)
Toronto, Canada

Toronto, CANADA... On October 8, 2005, Fado Performance Inc. presents Egalitarian, a new work by Louise Liliefeldt, one of Toronto's premiere performance artists. This work is the first in a major new cycle of performances by the artist entitled "DEADICATIONS: A Collection of Live Art Works", as well as being the latest installment in Fado’s ongoing IDea series.


In Egalitarian, influences of pop culture and personal memories intersect as Liliefeldt creates the first in a series of "portraits shaped by ritualistic actions". This special midnight performance takes place in the artist's home, revealing a selection of her most private acts in an "intimate, honest, awkward and thoughtful" performance. Egalitarian will unfold through a series of images that respond to a specific set of popular songs. Liliefeldt explains: "I am interested in creating actions that respond to the pace and overall mood of each song while also representing ideas that until now I seemed unable to communicate within my artistic or social practices. They have something to do with deep and very personal opinions and emotions that have long been suppressed."

Liliefeldt notes her deep connection to those who have influenced her work:

"DEADICATIONS takes its inspiration from a handful of individuals whose life on earth was spent dedicated to the same things I believe in. I was profoundly affected by the dedication of these selected individuals, expressed through their chosen lifestyles and the messages they communicated -- whether through the lyrics they professed, their various art forms, or the statements made through life altering actions. All were motivated, inspired by or had no choice but to act with all they had, which in some cases was their life. They were all passionately driven by issues related to the politics of race and class. They are artists, writers and musicians who have given me the inspiration and will necessary to become the individual I am today, and the individual I have always been, as I realize little has changed when reflecting on who and what I am as well as why I am. These individuals are physically dead, but the essence of everything they stood for continues."

About the artist

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The artist acknowledges the support of the Canada Council Inter-Arts Office in making this project possible.

Fado Performance Inc. is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of this project.



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