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Cheryl L'Hirondelle

Presented in conjunction with the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Art Festival

Thursday October 16, 2008
Toronto Free Gallery

1277 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Prior to the evening performance, the gallery will be open for viewing and visiting from 12-6pm on Thursday October 16

FADO Performance Art Centre presents êkâya-pâhkaci [ee-guy-uh-puck-a-chee] (don’t freeze up) by Cheryl L’Hirondelle. êkâya-pâhkaci operates through an intersection of nomadic site-specificity, visual patterning, language, narrative, movement and rhythm. In this work the artist stages a performance presented under an adaptable traveling tent from where she relates and offers information to the audience using her body, voice and graffiti/tagging. The audience, by proximity and in accepting her invitation to witness her activities 'comes in from the cold' and becomes part of her 'camp'.

Cheryl L’Hirondelle (aka Waynohtêw, Cheryl Koprek) is an Alberta born halfbreed (Metis/Cree-non status/treaty, French, German, Polish) artist and musician. Her creative practice is an investigation of the junction of a cree worldview (nêhiyawin) in contemporary time and space. Since the early 80's, L'Hirondelle has created, performed and presented work in a variety of artistic disciplines, including: music, performance art, theatre, performance poetry, storytelling, installation and new media. In the early 90's, she began a parallel career as an arts consultant and programmer, cultural strategist/activist, and director/producer of both independent works and projects within national artist-run networks.
L’Hirondelle’s performance work has been featured in various texts including Caught in the Act: An Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women edited by Tanya Mars and Johanna Householder (2001) and Candice Hopkin's Making a Noise: Aboriginal Perspectives on Art, Art History, Critical Writing and Community (2006). In 2004, L'Hirondelle and Hopkins were the first Aboriginal artists from Canada to be invited to present work at DAK'ART Lab, as part of the 6th Edition of the Dakar Biennale for Contemporary African Art, Dakar, Senegal. In both 2005 and 2006, L'Hirondelle was the recipient of the imagineNATIVE New Media Award for her online net.art projects: treatycard, 17:TELL and wêpinâsowina. L'Hirondelle's practice as a musician has also garnered her several nominations and awards, including Award for Best Female Traditional Cultural Roots Album (2006) and the 2007 Best Group Award from the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, for Fusion of Two Worlds, the first CD from her Aboriginal Women's ensemble, M'Girl.

An Evening with Cheryl L’Hirondelle

Presented by OCAD Faculty of Art

Wednesday October 15, 6:30pm
Ontario College of Art & Design
Auditorium, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto

All welcome, FREE




Thanks to Toronto Free Gallery, imagineNATIVE Film + Media Art Festival and Ontario College of Art & Design. FADO is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their support of this project.



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